Moisturizing around the eyes and younger skin

Everyone knows that the skin is prone to dryness in spring, so you should pay attention to moisturizing. In fact, the eyes are no exception. The eye area is the most fragile and aging area. The skin is thin and sensitive. As long as you don’t sleep well and drink more water skin care, you will have eye bags or dark circles the next day.

Moisturizing around the eyes makes the skin younger

Cleaning of eye makeup is the most important thing

Eye care

The cleanliness of eye makeup is the most important thing. You should choose a makeup remover that can completely remove the makeup and is gentle and does not irritate the eyes.

Once in the morning and evening, use a highly moisturizing eye skin skin care product, warm your fingers and gently massage the skin around the eyes.

Enhance care with moisturizing eye mask

Strengthen nursing

You can use eye masks with moisturizing ingredients for intensive care when needed. Eye fatigue skin care and poor blood circulation can be improved with hot compresses. When making a hot compress at home, wash the towel first and soak it in hot water for a while. The water temperature can be controlled by the temperature that your hands feel slightly hot, and the operation can be repeated when the temperature drops.

You can also use massage to improve, along the eyes, gently press with your middle finger.

Self massage method

If you have found that you have fine lines around your eyes, in addition to using skin care products, try using your fingers to do a massage!

1. Use one hand to fix the skin on the underside of the eyes, and use the fingers of the other hand to stretch and lift above the fine lines, 10 times for each of the left and right eyes.

2. The wrinkles from the nose to the sides of the lips are like fish tails. Pull up 10 times in the opposite direction of the wrinkles at right angles, but if you push and rub them horizontally, they will deepen the wrinkles.

3. The wrinkles on the forehead are also at a vertical angle relative to the wrinkles. Gently pinch and release them immediately. Don’t use too much force, do it repeatedly and rhythmically about 10 times.

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