Skin care to be a beautiful woman

Women with looks tend to be more noticeable in their relationships. Women are not only beautiful and beautiful, but also have rich connotations and accomplishments. Doctor Shi Jie from the Department of Psychology at the Second Artillery Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army reminded: Women should attach great importance to their appearance when interacting. Many women do not pay attention to modifying their appearance, or even attend important occasions, and do not modify their appearance. This is a lack of understanding of the importance of appearance.

Doctor Shi said that the initial impression of contact is very important. This is the “primary effect” in psychology, which plays a very important role in determining future contact. The visual impression of a woman’s first interaction directly affects her evaluation of skin care. This is because people are usually influenced by fairy tales they heard in childhood. Angels and beauties are the incarnation of beauty and kindness. Witches and ugly girls are representatives of ugliness and evil. This concept affects people’s evaluation of women’s good and evil and good or bad, which is the “catalyst effect” produced by the original aesthetic memory.

Since the beauty of appearance is so important, how to enhance the beauty of appearance? According to Director Zhao Guang of the Department of Dermatology, Air Force General Hospital, in general, two aspects should be paid attention to: one is to persist in skin care for a long time. The appearance is in a healthy physiological state; the second is to use external makeup to make the appearance best. Specifically, it is necessary to stick to sun protection, exercise, health care, nutrition, skin care, etc. for a long time, so that the skin has as few wrinkles and spots as possible, and has more elasticity and luster.

The 30-year-old is the dividing line of a woman’s appearance. The appearance is given by her parents. There is no choice to change it. It is mostly determined by genetic factors and objective circumstances. The appearance after 30 is based on education, personality, experience, outlook on life, etc. And other aspects of the complex. Therefore, it should be said that after the age of 30, a woman’s appearance is cultivated, and it contains three levels of nutrition, recuperation and self-cultivation. Skin care, which is embodied in internal and external care. aspect. Internal nourishment refers to knowledge, experience, knowledge, character, world outlook, etc. These “nutrients” are the source, through the blood, the meridians infiltrate your appearance. External treatments are some external methods such as beauty, skin care, diet, health maintenance, and makeup. Internal and external breeding need to be well integrated and coordinated with each other. Only women raised internally are stiff and dull; women raised only externally are shallow and lack charm, and only women who combine internal and external support can exude charming style, charm and taste. The beauty of women is short and single, and the charm of women is abundant and long-lasting.

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