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“Organize old relationships”

Have you ever noticed that people nowadays like to use credit cards, but don’t like to count a few dollars and a few cents; they like to jump, but don’t like to mend their relationship with leaders; they would rather take a shot and leave to find a new relationship, but Unwilling to review our own faults… There is a sentence that sums it up: “We are full of violence and rush forward with our heads down. Whether in purse, work, or love, we are good at opening up new battles and are not interested in sorting out. Old relationship.” The same goes for skin care.

Many people always feel that they have not found a product that suits them, so they constantly change brands and use their skin as an experimental field. In fact, in most cases, the ideal skin care effect can be achieved only by adjusting within the original brand or collocation with some other brand products.

How to adjust and match? That is to accurately and meticulously understand the needs of every inch of skin, and select brands and products in a “buffet” way to meet the needs of the skin, instead of simply taking the “three-step package” formulated by the brand for “marketing”.

Main food: clean, moisturizing and sunscreen

No matter what flavor of buffet we choose, we all need some appetizers, some staple food, and some soothing soup. That is the foundation that everyone must guarantee skin care: cleanliness, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Don’t dare to use skin care products because of acne and inflammation on your face. At this time, the skin is the weakest and you need to use skin care products to “block” External stimuli. It’s just that at this time the choice of skin care products, when safety is the first consideration, you should choose “three no products” that are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and (irritating) preservatives, such as Avène, La Roche-Posay, FANCL, Clinique, Neutrogena, freeplus, FERZEA, etc. can be the first choice.

The basic skin care, the most important thing is to adjust the skin to a state of water and oil balance. First of all, we must accurately understand the current skin type is lack of water or oil? Still short of water and oil? Then choose the corresponding skin care products suitable for oily or dry skin. If you still feel dissatisfied after using it, don’t worry about changing the brand. First, analyze whether the “dissatisfaction” is because of lack of water, lack of oil, or excessive oil?

-If the moisture level is enough and the moisture is insufficient, even oily skin can be replaced with a moisturizing lotion for dry skin, or mixed with FANCL moisturizing lotion, La Roche-Posay moisturizing toner, CLARINS mild / soothing toner, AQUA Optimized Lotion and AQUAEX Nourishing Water and other very moisturizing lotions; if necessary, you can add a moisturizing essence or gel, such as Clinique Moisturizing Moisturizer, Vichy Moisturizing Moisturizing Essence Gel, +H2O-Facial Oasis 24 Hours Essence, L’oreal All-Day Moisturizing Water Essence, Yu Sai “Water Breath” Deep Intensive Gel, Affordable Herbal Eight Cup Water Cream, etc.-Try to choose from the brands you have used.

Skin care steps_Skin care tips_Skin care

-If the moisturizing degree is not enough, switch to a more moisturizing and water-locking cream. It should be said that all creams, no matter how they are called whitening, multi-effect, reverse time and space, etc., in the final analysis are moisturizing creams! But if moisturizing has always been a big trouble for you, then you should choose products that are really called “moisturizers” skin care, such as Estee Lauder Multi-layer Instant Moisturizing Cream, Elizabeth Arden Water Feel 24-hour long lasting moisturizing cream/lotion, etc., because they often add unique technology to moisturize and lock water; if it is very dry and oil-deficient skin, use Avene Triple Moisturizing Cream, La Roche-Posay Moisturizing Cream, FANCL Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream Moisturizing cream designed for extremely dry skin is the most comfortable.

-If you have selected a moisturizer for oily skin, and you are still troubled by local oiliness, then add oil control essence locally, such as FANCL’s T zone oil control cream, SK-II oil control conditioning gel, Estee Lauder Balancing Serum Moisturizing gel, CLARINS refreshing oil control essence, Ewen Lishuo fresh fruit beauty lotion, etc.

Main course: acne, whitening and anti-aging…

If you have flawless young skin, it is generally enough to do basic skin care; if you have some skin problems that need to be improved, you need to add one or more “main dishes” ——Essence products. Although there are many names of creams, these “main dishes” are needed to achieve those effects.

If the basic skin care product is selected from the same brand, it is generally okay to match the “main dish” with the “strongest item” of other brands; if the makeup remover, cleansing product and moisturizing cream are selected differently Brand, the cream is best to belong to the same brand as the “main dish” to avoid the brand being too mixed, affecting the complete presentation of the effect, and even increasing the risk of allergies.

-Acne treatment

Many of my friends complained about being troubled by acne, but Skin care doesn’t see the steps to control acne at all. How can I get rid of acne? But if you don’t have oily and acne-stricken skin, don’t use the “acne control package” for the entire series! You only need to fully clean, moisturize, and sunscreen, apply La Roche-Posay Acne Clearing Lotion, Avène Anti-Acne Clearing Lotion, Vichy Oil Regulating Anti-acne Essence Cream, -H2O+Acne Acne Spot Lotion, Biotherm SOS special effect gel, Mentholatum Lefujie anti-acne care? Wait for miles, apply it when the acne is just “sprouting” little red dots, you will surely get the effect.


Skin care tips_Skin care_Skin care steps

If you want to avoid tanning, remove freckles, even skin tone, and quickly restore white skin after sunburn, you should use whitening essence.

It is especially recommended for skin after 30 years old, even if there is no such demand, whitening essence should be used-because after 30 years old skin metabolism starts to slow down, it is easy to cause irregular pigmentation and cause pigmentation. Usually 35-year-old skin will have some stains, which is the reason. If you don’t want to worry about freckle in the future, use whitening essence from now on, and keep sunscreen every day!

-Qu Huang

If the skin is dull with yellow gas, the whitening essence often cannot achieve the desired improvement effect, because it is mainly not the melanin precipitation caused by the sun, but the free radicals that cause “bad complexion”. A very effective way is not to stay up late, take a good rest, strengthen the self-repairing power of the skin during deep sleep, and neutralize free radicals. Another way is to use anti-oxidant and detoxifying essences, such as FANCLQ10 Revitalizing Essence, CLARINS Multi-Essence, Biotherm Oxygen Purifying Massage Essence, Estee Lauder New Living Nutrition Essence Water, Evanli Medicinal Essence Water, KOSE Pure Muscle Essence Beauty lotion, etc.


If you feel the skin is not smooth and clean and not as full as before. Skin care, the skin is not oily, but the pores on both sides of the nose begin to be obvious, and small sagging eye bags begin to appear under the eyes, and the shadows at the nasolabial lines begin to deepen. Fat but beginning to appear double chin, no matter where the first fine lines appear… you need to use anti-relaxation serum. The most direct and effective essence can replenish collagen and promote its synthesis, such as SK-Ⅱ Elastic Anti-relaxation Essence, Estee Lauder Perfect Beauty Essence CP+, HR Collagen Enriching Essence, Guerlain Kinetic Firming Lifting Essence , FANCL full effect essence, etc.


The anti-relaxation essence itself has anti-wrinkle effect, and if there are already obvious fine lines, you should use a repair type anti-wrinkle essence, such as HR vitamin A pure cream, SK-II firming and anti-wrinkle cream. Essence milk, Guerlain Laser Triple Anti-Wrinkle Essence, FANCL Wrinkle Removal Essence Cream, L’oreal Double Skin Lifting and Firming Essence, etc. If the skin’s firmness is good overall, but expression lines appear on the forehead, corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth, etc., you can use the “botulinum-like bacteria” only on the fine lines, which can paralyze the muscles and make them “forget”. Wrinkle essence, such as Estée Lauder Perfect Beauty Lip Repair Serum, GATINEAU Ji Ji Xian Nu Jiao Rong Reconstructing Anti-Wrinkle Pen, etc.

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