Age-based skin care makes skin delicate and smooth

Skin careBeauty is something that women pursue all their lives, and they are doing it all their lives. Basically every woman has her own set of skin care methodsSkin care But is your method of protection correct? Is your skin thinner? If not, take a look at the following protection methods to make your skin smooth and delicate.

Age-based skin care to make skin delicate and smooth

As a woman, you must pay attention to your own facial problems. Acne removal, moisturizing, sun protection, whitening, and anti-aging are compulsory courses in facial care. So, how can we make the pink and tender face never fade? The editor will now provide you with all kinds of beauty skin care information, so that the beautiful face is always there, and your youth is always there!

20 years old, cleanliness is the most important thing

The cause of enlarged pores: dirt blockage-this age is the peak period of oil secretion. The obstruction caused by the strong secretion of oil makes the skin’s metabolism not smooth and cannot fall off as scheduled, resulting in enlarged pores. Excessive irritation of acne squeezing-Excessive squeezing of pimples and acne, once it damages the dermis, it will cause the pores to become enlarged. Applying irritating cosmetics and creams will make the blockage become serious and the pores will become larger and larger.

The correct approach:

1. Do daily makeup and cleansing work carefully, and regularly remove facial keratin. When cleaning, you can pour it into your palm with cleansing milk or cleansing oil. Do not need water, apply it on the face and gently push it to the entire face; then wash it with a facial cleanser to remove oil and dirt, even deep pores Everything is clean and refreshing, achieving a thorough cleansing effect.

2. Washing face with lemon juice-people with oily skin can add a few drops of lemon juice to clean water when washing their face. In addition to constricting pores, it can also reduce the occurrence of acne and pimples (but not too thick , Not to apply lemon juice directly on the face).

3. Emergency ice application-moisten the iced lotion with a cotton pad and apply it to the face or areas with large pores for skin care, which can have a good astringent effect.

25 years old choose suitable skin care products

The cause of large pores: Excessive oil absorption-this age always can’t help taking out oil-absorbent paper and deep cleansing mask, but beware-excessive oil absorption will disturb the normal secretion of oil, and many deep masks firstly support the pores Large enough to penetrate deep into the pores to bring out the oil and dirt.

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