4 skin care tips when swimming

It’s swimming season again. Since the whole body is in an unclean swimming pool and exposed to the sun when swimming, the protection of the skin is more important than usual. Because the whole body is exposed to the sun when swimming, sun protection for the body is the most important, followed by skin cleanliness skin care, and one thing that is often overlooked is moisturizing, even in summer, if the humidity in the air

Not too big, the moisture on the skin is still easily evaporated with the wet body.

First, choose the PA value for sunscreens

Today’s sunscreen only looks at the SPF value is not enough. Because SPF can only protect against UVB ultraviolet rays, which means that it can only protect against 1% of ultraviolet rays. The real sunshine killer is UVA, which accounts for 98% of the ultraviolet rays reaching the ground. UVA is the most lethal because it can reach the bottom layer of the dermis in the shortest time, quickly damaging elastic fibers and causing skin aging. The only thing that can deal with UVA is to choose “PA+” products that prevent UVA.

The skin in the water, due to the reflection of the sun, will absorb the amount of ultraviolet rays doubled. Therefore, choosing sunscreens should not only choose SPF30 or above, but also choose PA+++ sunscreens, and it is best to choose sunscreen lotion instead of sunscreen.

Two, how to understand the PA value

PA+ effective protection time is about 4 hours

PA++ effective protection time is about 8 hours

PA+++ super protection

I would also like to remind you that you should not buy sunscreen products cheaply. Because the cost of sunscreen ingredients is relatively high, the cheaper sunscreen products sold in the small commodity market cannot contain sunscreen at all. It is more reliable to go to a reputable large shopping mall. .

Three, the skin after swimming is actually very dirty

Your skin is not clean after swimming. This is the water quality of the pool. Because swimming venues are generally used continuously, it is difficult to guarantee the sanitation standards. The free residual chlorine in the PH value of the water has drastically decreased, the content of ammonia, hydrogen, and urea has increased, and bacteria such as coliform bacteria multiply, which increases the turbidity of the water. Most swimming venues use chlorination or cyclic purification to keep the pool sanitary, which will increase the concentration of chlorine gas. When it increases to 2-3PPM, people will feel an obvious chlorine odor, and of course they will stick to it. In addition, when swimming, it is inevitable to bring skin excrement, shed hair, nasal mucus, sweat, body fluids, even urine, swimsuit dyes, and fibers into the water. Polluted water often causes diseases of the eyes, nose, ears, throat, skin, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive system, etc.

Seeing these is horrible. Not going to swim is a negative and effective method, and the positive and effective method is to clean the body carefully after swimming. You can use a bath such as “swimming lotion” for cleaning. This product can help you remove fungi and bacteria, and has a skin care effect. It can also remove the chlorine odor and bleaching powder on your body after swimming, leaving your skin clean, smooth and moisturized.

In addition, you can also apply anti-chlorine milk before swimming. This kind of emulsion will isolate the skin and protect the skin from the water with too much chlorine. Avoid too much chlorine in the water that can make the skin feel dry.

Four, skin should be moisturized after swimming

“If you don’t dry your body immediately after swimming, your skin will become very dry”, do you feel this? Because if there is not enough moisture in the air, the skin will absorb moisture from the surface of the skin at the same time as the skin changes from wet to dry, which makes the skin drier, which is more obvious in the northern regions. Therefore, the best way to care is to wipe off the water droplets on the body immediately after taking a bath out of the water. If it is not in midsummer, apply a moisturizing skin care product. Apply to every part of the body, and then gently massage skin care to help absorb nutrients as soon as possible.

Under the sun, the amount of ultraviolet rays absorbed by the skin in the water will double. It is best to choose sunscreen lotion instead of sunscreen, and even more choose PA+++ sunscreen.

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