Which brand of portable refrigerator is good? Recommended brand of portable refrigerator [Detailed Explanation]

A portable refrigerator is a refrigerator that can be carried. It is smaller than a traditional household refrigerator, more energy-efficient, and very convenient to carry. It is suitable for singles, people with cars, etc. There are many brands of portable refrigerators on the market. What brand of portable refrigerators is good? Today I will introduce you to the brands of portable refrigerators.

Portable small refrigerator

Haier Group was founded in 1984, starting from a single production of refrigerators, expanding to the fields of home appliances, communications, IT digital products, home furnishing, logistics, finance, real estate, biopharmaceuticals, etc., becoming the world’s leading provider of better life solutions . In 2014, Haier had a global turnover of 2007 billion yuan, a total profit of 15 billion yuan, a profit growth of three times the revenue growth, and an online transaction volume of 54.8 billion portable refrigerators, a year-on-year increase of 2391%. According to data from Euromonitor, an authoritative survey institution in the consumer market, the Haier brand’s global retail volume share was 10.2% in 2014, and it has been the number one brand of large household appliances in the world for six consecutive years.

Since the first Siemens brand vacuum cleaner was born in Germany in 1906, the world’s first temperature-adjustable automatic oven was launched in 1935, and the concept of embedded kitchen appliances was first proposed in 1959. Siemens home appliances have been stable in Germany for many years The top-selling home appliance brand champion. In Germany, Siemens home appliances represent excellent quality, stylish design, and reliable performance. As a well-known home appliance brand ranked No. 3 in the world and No. 1 in Europe, Siemens Home Appliances is committed to leading the world in technology, innovation and design, and strives to bring consumers a high-quality life. Its products are sold in more than 40 countries. Siemens home appliances are the industry leader, embodying advanced ideas, pursuing excellent performance, and meeting a wide range of modern life needs.

Rongsheng Refrigerator is the largest refrigerator brand under Hisense Kelon and one of the earliest refrigerator companies in China. In 1983, Rongsheng Refrigerator was trial-produced refrigerator Portable Refrigerator in Shunde City, Guangdong Province, and the factory was established the following year, named “Guangdong Shunde Zhujiang Refrigerator Factory”. In the eighth year since the establishment of the factory, it has occupied the first place in domestic refrigerator sales, and has ranked first in domestic refrigerator product sales for 11 consecutive years since then. In 1994, Rongsheng, which developed rapidly and healthily, won the “Golden Bridge Award”, the highest award in China’s industry, and won the title of “National Best-selling Domestic Brand Product”. Since its inception, Rongsheng Refrigerator has been adhering to the concept of “being the most professional refrigerator in China”, and has been continuously researching in refrigerators such as “environmental protection”, “energy saving”, “preservation”, and other fields to give consumers “quality wins”. Promise of.

Actually, there are many brands of portable refrigerators. Today, I just introduced three briefly to everyone. The home appliances of these three brands are quite famous in the industry, and the quality of the home appliances they produce is very good. , And their after-sales service is quite guaranteed. This is the end of the brand of portable refrigerators that Xiaobian introduced to you today. I hope everyone will like it.

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