Car refrigerator

1Glossary of car refrigerator

Car refrigerator is a portable refrigerator that is directly connected to the car power supply. It is small in size, low in noise, resistant to vibration and shock Car refrigerator, but the cost is relatively high, and it is more equipped In luxury cars, it is generally located behind the center armrest of the rear seat, and the car refrigerator of some models is located below the front center armrest.


2Classification of car refrigerator

Car refrigerators are roughly divided into three categories: incubators, semiconductors car refrigerators, compressors car refrigerators.

Incubator: It does not have a refrigeration function. It only needs to put an ice bag when refrigerating things with the insulation function. It is a relatively early product. The advantage is that it does not consume electricity, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be kept for a long time and has a small space.

Semiconductor Car refrigerator: It is refrigerated by electronic chips. The advantages are both cooling and heating, environmental protection, no pollution, small size, low cost, no vibration, noise, long life. The disadvantage is that the cooling efficiency is not high and the capacity is small.

Compressor Car refrigerator: Compressor is the traditional technology of traditional refrigerators, with a low cooling temperature of -18 degrees and 10 degrees. Its advantages are high refrigeration efficiency and large volume, which is the mainstream direction of the future development of car refrigerator. The disadvantage is that the weight is heavier, the power consumption is relatively high, and the price is relatively high.


3The difference between a car refrigerator and a household refrigerator

Main differences:

1. Anti-vibration and anti-shake: Car refrigerator has good seismic performance and is suitable for use on bumpy roads;

2. Battery protection: Car refrigerator will automatically power off after reaching the battery protection setting value to protect the car from starting normally;

3. E-mark (electromagnetic interference): The electronic control module of the car refrigerator does not interfere with the electromagnetic interference of other electronic products in the car, and will not affect the normal use of the car battery;

4. Anti-falling protection: When using the car refrigerator, a slight tilt will not affect the normal operation. When the tilt reaches 45° or more, it will automatically stop working to protect the compressor;


4 Purchase Guide

1. The capacity below 20 liters: basically suitable for all models, it is recommended for ordinary family cars and MPVs;

2, 20~40L capacity: suitable for 2-box cars, small and medium SUVs, MPVs, etc.;

3. Capacity above 40 liters: suitable for large SUVs, modified cars, RVs, etc.;


5Car refrigeratorHow to use

Placement position: It is recommended to place the refrigerator in the rear trunk of the car. It can also be placed at the central armrest of some commercial vehicles. Reserve a certain space for ventilation car refrigerator for convenience The heat generated during the operation of the refrigerator can be dissipated.

Check the airtightness: Check the airtightness of the refrigerator seal frequently. If the seal is deformed, it will affect the tightness of the closure, causing air-conditioning to leak out, thereby increasing power consumption. If the deformation is serious, it should be repaired and replaced in time.

Reduce the number of door openings: Every time you open the door, there will be cold air exposed and hot air intruding, so you must run the compressor again to cool. Therefore, try to take out the various ingredients you need at once, and move quickly, and the door of the box should not be opened too wide to reduce the loss of air-conditioning as much as possible.

Don’t leave it empty: If you don’t have any stock, don’t leave the car refrigerator empty, as it will consume a lot of electricity. A better way is to put a few small bottles of water inside and let it freeze, which can help keep the temperature low and reduce energy consumption.

Removal of peculiar smell: Lemon deodorization: Cut lemon into small pieces and place them on each floor of the refrigerator to remove peculiar smell. Charcoal deodorization: crush an appropriate amount of charcoal, put it in a small cloth bag, and put it in the refrigerator. The deodorization effect is very good.


6Precautions for use of car refrigerator

●Used in the car, connected to the cigarette lighter.

●When switching from the heating function to the cooling function, it is recommended to turn off the power and restart the car refrigerator after 5 minutes.

●Please keep the car refrigerator open at all times.

●Do not stuff objects into the cooling holes and suction holes of the car refrigerator. Keep away from heat sources when using the car refrigerator.

●When cleaning the car refrigerator, please turn off all power sources and do not use strong detergents to clean the refrigerator.

●When using a car refrigerator without a low-voltage protection device, it is best to cut off the power supply of the refrigerator after parking to ensure that the battery is normal.

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