Nipi portable refrigerator-a new artifact for charging

The smart refrigerator nipi can not only provide users with iced drinks in various outdoor environments, but also serve as a mobile charger.


Nipi’s new smart portable refrigeratorportable refrigerator aims to provide users with a better outdoor life experience. Nipi can be used in different terrain environments, and the ice time of the beverage is up to six days. It can be used as a charger while providing users with high-quality refrigeration services.


The nipi is equipped with two USB ports inside and outside the body of the portable refrigerator, allowing users to charge their smart phones, tablets or other electronic devices. The nipi is powered by two 14000mAh multi-energy lithium batteries. In addition, there is a solar panel on the outside of the fuselage to collect solar energy.

The design of the body of the nipi allows it to be used in different terrain environments; unlike ordinary refrigerators, the nipi has wheels; this design makes it easy to move on sand, mud, mountain or gravel roads. The nipi is equipped with a handle and is very light, so users can carry it easily wherever they go. The nipi body uses the best quality materials. The frosted design makes it resistant to severe weather conditions and is not easily damaged in daily life bumps, such as collisions with other objects in the trunk of a car, or on the beach Moving on the sandy ground, even sitting under the body as a stool, is still very strong and can work normally.

Nipi adopts cutting-edge cooling technology, which can cool users for 6 days with the help of two thick walls of lithium batteries, and keep the LEDs in the cooling area always on. Regardless of the external environment, nipi does not need to waste too much electricity for cooling. The nipi refrigerator has a capacity of 47 liters, which is enough for daily use.

In addition to the refrigerator, the nipi has a lockable drying room, which can be used as a safe. The drying room is separated from the refrigerator, so it can ensure that the contents are not damp. This drying room is designed to store nipi’s own solar panels. In addition, users can store some important small items around themselves, such as mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc.


Nipi smart refrigerators are currently available in two colors: white and sky blue; each nipi refrigerator has 2 cup holders, and there are lighting equipment inside and outside. Nipi is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with an early bird price of $195.

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