Beautiful women can also be carried easily! Practical and interesting portable refrigerator

[Zhongguancun Online Home Appliance Channel Original] For refrigerators, everyone is not unfamiliar. Generally speaking, refrigerators are non-removable products, whether they are household refrigerators or car refrigerators. Therefore, refrigerators have no portability, which has become an accepted view. However, in the eyes of designers, refrigerators should also be portable. Today, we are here to watch an ultra-portable refrigerator that will definitely make your eyes shine.

The creative portable refrigerator comes out

The designer said that this refrigerator is suitable for outings. The portable refrigerator uses an oval design portable refrigerator with a strap, so even female users can easily carry it on its back. The refrigerator uses a retro design portable refrigerator with a wooden refrigerator door.


Blue model Portable refrigerator


Pink model Portable refrigerator

In terms of color, it is very rich. As you can see from the picture, there are many colors to choose from, including white, pink, blue, etc. I believe you can always find a color you like.


The charging process is very simple

There is a rechargeable battery inside the refrigerator, a full charge is enough to meet the needs of a day. When charging, you only need to place the refrigerator on the charging stand to charge. The whole process is very simple and there is no difficulty.


The internal space of the refrigerator is large enough to store drinks, beer and various foods.


Practical portable refrigerator

Of course, because this refrigerator uses electronic refrigeration, not the compressor refrigeration of a large refrigerator, so don’t expect it to freeze ice. However, the temperature in the refrigerator can be reduced to about 20 degrees at the current ambient temperature, for example, when the outdoor temperature is 25 degrees, it can be reduced to about 5 degrees. It is more than enough for cold beer, drinks, etc.

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