How to install and use the car refrigerator

Many car owners will install car refrigerators in their cars, iced drinks or fruits are very convenient, then how to use car refrigerators? Let’s take a look< strong>How to use car refrigerator.

When buying a car refrigerator, you must also purchase a multi-function socket, which can ensure that your refrigerator, car lights, hands-free equipment, etc. are used at the same time. It is best to be equipped with a power converter, so that the refrigerator can be used in both home and car. ;When using the car refrigeratorcar refrigerator, try not to get water into the air inlet, otherwise the car refrigerator will strike. Do not place magnetic objects in the refrigerator liner to prevent the internal cooling chip from being affected; do not put overheated and corrosive objects in the refrigerator to avoid damage to the liner. When switching from one temperature mode to another, cut off the power for 8-10 minutes. When putting it on the car, remember to cut off the power of the product after turning off the engine. All refrigerators have air outlets for heat dissipation. Be careful not to block the air outlets when placing them.

车载冰箱怎么用 车载冰箱使用方法

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1. No magnetic objects can be placed in the car refrigerator, otherwise it will affect the internal cooling chip. And when using the car refrigerator, car owners should also pay attention, otherwise the car refrigerator will strike.

2. Generally, the car refrigerator is divided into car and car home. When using it, pay attention to the distance between the cigarette lighter and the place to avoid insufficient wire length. If you want to use both home and car, it is best to equip a power converter.

3. It is best to equip a multi-function socket in the car to ensure the simultaneous use of car refrigerator, car lights, hands-free equipment and other electronic devices.

4. When using the car refrigerator in the car, pay attention to ensure that the air vents and heat dissipation holes of the car refrigerator are unblocked. Do not enter the air inlet of the refrigerator and keep it away Heat source, when switching from heating function to cooling function, it is recommended to turn off the power and start car refrigerator after 5 minutes.

5. Because the car refrigerator consumes a lot of power, when turning off the engine, remember to cut off the power of the refrigerator to avoid running out of battery power.

1. Car refrigerators are divided into two types, one is the car compressor refrigerator that can be cooled to below 0℃, and the other is the cooling effect such as car heating and cooling box, electronic heating and cooling box, etc. Generally maintained at about 15-20 degrees below the ambient temperature, ice cannot be made, and ice cream and other items that need to be frozen can only be temporarily stored. The above two types are called car refrigerators.

Second, Car refrigerator can become a fashionable choice, not only because of its unique ice function, but also because of its compact size, convenient carrying, and very personalized style and color.

3. In terms of styles, the car refrigerator has a vertical refrigerator type, a horizontal freezer type, and even a football shape, a cola shape, etc., which are very individual and fashionable. In terms of color, there are a variety of colors such as rose red, pink blue, grass green, light yellow, silver gray, etc. The color of the purchased refrigerator matches the color of the car.

Four. In terms of volume, from the 3-l pack car refrigerator suitable for daily commuting to get off work, there are also 35l large-capacity refrigerators, off-road vehicles, cars, large trucks, taxis and other different models , You can choose the matching car refrigerator. Car refrigerators with a volume of less than 20 liters are generally suitable for being placed in the compartment, and those with a volume of more than 20 liters are more suitable for being placed in the trunk.

In addition to regular inspections of car refrigerators, keeping the refrigerator clean is also one of the important tasks of maintaining car refrigerators. You can follow the steps below to Car refrigerator clean and maintain–

a. Use a neutral detergent and a soft cloth to clean the outside of the refrigerator;

b, clean water + soft cloth to wipe the refrigerator sealing strip;

c. After cleaning the inside of the refrigerator with neutral detergent + soft cloth, wipe it with water + soft cloth twice;

d. Clean the outside of the refrigerator thoroughly again with clean water + soft cloth.

Because the car refrigerator is a kind of electricity-consuming product, so even if the electricity is not large, you must form the habit of regularly checking the car refrigerator work stability and circuit appearance– First of all, we should check the working status (cooling capacity, cooling noise, sealing performance, etc.) of the car refrigerator every 30 days or so; in addition, pay attention to the electrical wiring and appearance of the refrigerator. There is no bumps, scratches, or damage. If there are any (especially the circuit part), it needs to be repaired before it can be used.

When the car refrigerator is no longer in use for a long time, the refrigerator should be removed, cleaned according to the above cleaning method, dried in the shade, and placed in the packaging box in a cool, dry, ventilated environment In this way, you can ensure the use effect when the car refrigerator is reactivated in the coming year.

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