Focus on the China Air Show, AEE brings the air, sea, land and amphibious aircraft to dominate the show

The 12th China International Aerospace Expo

The 12th China International Aerospace Expo, which lasted for 6 days from November 6 to 11, 2018, was grandly held at the Zhuhai International Airshow Center. In addition to the popularity of the Royal Arab Air Force “Saudi Eagles” flight display team, the appearance of domestic star models is also a highlight.

The world’s leading equipment-level aircraft manufacturer AEE Aviation as an exhibitor, grandly exhibited the world’s first air, sea, land and air amphibious aircraft, coaxial twin-propeller unmanned helicopter, and dual-use spin-rotor UAV AU300. Robot products compete with more than 700 exhibitors from 43 countries and regions around the world. On the first day, the AEE Aviation Booth attracted many industry professionals, partners, and aviation enthusiasts from home and abroad to visit the exhibition. The exhibition hall was full of people, and the crowds kept coming.

As one of the few private exhibitors in the Zhuhai Air Show, AEE Aviation’s strong military technology cannot be underestimated! AEE focuses on the research, production, and sales of equipment-level UAV systems, low-altitude UAV defense systems, and high-end intelligent optoelectronic systems. The products are widely used in military, industrial and civilian fields. In the past 20 years, AEE has taken “military technology and independent innovation” as its core competitiveness, and has obtained military salaries such as the National Military Standard Quality System Certification. It is an enterprise that has exclusively participated in the drafting of the military standards for the “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System” of the General Armament Department and the Ministry of Public Security. The company that drafted the industry standard for “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System” for police use, and was the first product unit that obtained the National Standard Inspection of “Police Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System” by the Ministry of Public Security, and edited three national UAV standards and seven UAV industry standards. . At the largest international air show in China, AEE lived up to expectations, using the most advanced military technology products to showcase AEE’s aerial artificial intelligence achievements to the global audience!

1 sea, land and air amphibious aircraft made a major debut and attracted much attention

Walking into the AEE exhibition hall, the most eye-catching thing is undoubtedly the land, sea and air amphibious aircraft that AEE made a big appearance. This amphibious aircraft is a low-energy-consumption and high-efficiency aircraft that integrates the concepts of aircraft, cars and speedboats. Its overall performance indicators are excellent! The fuselage structure is made of full composite materials, with a built-in two-seater dual operating system. The maximum take-off weight is 700kg, the maximum load is 300kg, the cruising speed can reach 220 km/h, the land cruising range is 600 kilometers, and the air cruising range can reach 1500 kilometers.

(The world’s first land, sea and air amphibious aircraft appeared at the China Air Show)

2AEE coaxial twin-propeller unmanned helicopter, military and civilian use

This coaxial twin-propeller unmanned helicopter with upper and lower “wings” is a dual-purpose helicopter developed in strict accordance with the nine-level maturity demonstration of military weapons and equipment. Its rotor diameter is 6 meters and the captain is 5.7. Meters, 2.4 meters in height, maximum take-off weight of 500 kg, and maximum payload of 280 kg. The maximum cruising speed has reached 220 km/h, and the practical ceiling is 6,500 meters. With full fuel, its cruising range can reach 400 km. Its technical indicators are at the world’s leading level. It can be widely used in short-distance transportation, medical rescue, Disaster relief, geological exploration, forest protection and fire fighting, aerial photography, offshore oil well material transportation and other tasks; in the military field, it can also efficiently meet the military’s ground attack, weapon delivery, logistics support, battlefield rescue, reconnaissance patrol, and command Various military application requirements such as control, communication, anti-submarine mine clearance, and electronic countermeasures.

(Picture of AEE 500kg coaxial twin-propeller unmanned helicopter)

3 Spin-rotor UAV industry is second to none

Another highlight that focuses on popularity is undoubtedly this unmanned autogyro AU300, which is second to none in the domestic drone industry. It uses a full carbon fiber high-strength fuselage with a length of 4.4 meters, a width of 1.83 meters, a height of 2.3 meters, an empty weight of 220 kg, a maximum take-off weight of 330 kg, and a full fuel tank with a maximum mission load of 50 kg and 4 hours. Above endurance. At the same time, the AU300 unmanned autogyro is cost-effective, has the advantages of low operating cost, small size, safety and reliability, easy transportation, and simple maintenance. AU300 can cruise at 130km/h or at low speed at 30km/h, which is better adapted to all kinds of work requiring low speed. What’s more worth mentioning is that in addition to its excellent safety performance, the AU300 self-rotating drone has a very valuable feature, which is its short take-off and landing distance, 80 meters for take-off, and only 30 meters for landing. The landing roll distance is much shorter than the takeoff roll distance. The AU300 spin-rotor drone only needs about 100 meters of road and level grass to take off and land at any time.

(Picture of AEE self-rotating drone)

As one of the five most internationally influential airshows in the world, a group of “high, sophisticated, and cutting-edge” exhibits representing the world’s advanced level have gathered and attracted great attention from major media. AEE Aviation was fortunate enough to receive eager attention and follow-up reports from well-known media such as CCTV and Shenzhen Traffic Broadcasting.

Through this China Air Show, AEE Aviation has not only demonstrated the image and product services of the national strategic emerging industry China Aviation “Air Intelligence” characteristic industry to the public at home and abroad. On November 8, it will also cooperate with AVIC Tongfei signed a strategic cooperation agreement, established a long-term and stable strategic partnership, actively participated in the construction and development of aviation technology, and strived to become the vanguard in the field of “aircraft artificial intelligence robots”.

↓Live show↓

(AEE six-rotor tethered UAV system)

(AEE police and industry-specific quadrotor UAV)

(BAT UAV Defense System)

(High-end carbon fiber products)

Guide to the exhibition

Exhibition time: November 6-11, 2018

Exhibition location: Zhuhai International Airshow Center, Guangdong Province

AEE booth number: Hall 10 H10C14

About Shenzhen Yidian Technology Co., Ltd. entering the corporate store

I. Company profile

AEE Shenzhen Yidian Technology Co., Ltd. AEE UAV is the world’s leading UAV manufacturer, focusing on equipment-level UAV systems, high-end intelligent optoelectronic systems, high-end carbon fiber products, etc. The research, production and sales of products are widely used in the four major fields of military, police, industry and civilian use, providing safe, efficient and intelligent artificial intelligence products and solutions for the world.

AEE, the English abbreviation of Ace Electronics Enterprise, is a leading electronic technology company AEE UAV, with the three letters A, E, E as the basic design elements, and the Chinese character “一” in the middle of the font. “The transformation of “” means that the company will unite as one and jointly create the vision of a first-class brand enterprise. The company was established in 1999 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Currently there are more than 400 employees, among which R&D personnel account for more than 30%. The company’s headquarters is located in Yidian Science and Technology Park, Shiyan Tangtou Road, Bao’an, Shenzhen, China. It integrates headquarters offices and R&D centers. A modern garden-style science and technology park integrated with the production base, covering an area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters; Shenzhen Guangming New District plans to build a “Guangming Yidian Technology Industrial Park” with a production base of 60,000 square meters.

At present, AEE has participated in the editor-in-chief of four UAV national standards, wrote seven UAV industry standards, and has more than 600 patents including inventions and PCT international patents. The company that drafted the military standard for “Aircraft System” was the company that exclusively participated in the drafting of the industry standard for the “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System” used by the Ministry of Public Security. The drafter of the aerospace planning outline in the Shenzhen Municipal Government (2013-2020) Government Planning Industry Outline, the AEE police drone has been listed in the Ministry of Public Security’s agreement procurement catalog (012), the first batch of police drones Aircraft pilot training qualification, obtained the training qualification of the Chinese Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (abbreviated as: AOPA), and was selected as a national “quality benchmark” enterprise in 2017. The company is the first batch of certified national high-tech enterprises and a famous trademark in Guangdong Province , Shenzhen well-known brand.

AEE insists on independent innovation and has created artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent flight control, wireless real-time image transmission, intelligent obstacle avoidance, high-performance sensors, machine vision, multi-computer interaction, multi-axis gimbal stability, etc. The products include military/police/ Industrial/civilian multi-rotor UAV systems, compound wing UAVs, spin-rotor UAVs, amphibious aircraft, coaxial twin-propeller unmanned helicopters, UAV cluster self-organizing network communication systems, UAV control and command vehicles, High-end intelligent photoelectric systems, professional cameras, panoramic cameras, sports cameras, law enforcement recorders and high-end carbon fiber products, etc., are very few high-tech enterprises in the industry with the development of the entire industry chain. Products are widely used in the military, public security, border defense, fire protection, anti-drug, Judicial, environmental protection, emergency response, land regulation, electricity, water conservancy, urban management, taxation, sports, tourism and other fields.

Based on China, in 1999, AEE pioneered wireless audio and video transmission technology and products, filled the gap in the domestic market, and was an industry standard setter; in 2006, it pioneered sports cameras and law enforcement recorders, and the news network commented on AEE’s “thorough Subvert Americans’ understanding of traditional cameras”; in 2011, released the world’s first equipment-level integrated UAV system, and the Wall Street Times commented on “the UAV industry, the Chinese are coming!”; in 2016, the first in China was released Equipment-level manned rotorcraft and China’s first UAV communication command vehicle; in 2018, the world’s first sea, land and air amphibious aircraft, coaxial twin-propeller unmanned helicopter, and self-rotating UAV AU300 were released. In the 13th Five-Year Pre-research of our military’s equipment, AEE has undertaken a number of pre-research projects; most of the urban public security systems in the country have purchased and used AEE police drone systems, which have become an important air force in the domestic police industry. It is precisely because of the “escort” of AEE products that it is safer and more orderly in the country’s largest drug manufacturing and drug trafficking case, the High-tech Fair, the Universiade, the Spring Festival Transport, and the 10,000-person marathon.

AEE has an overseas layout. In 2011, it established a branch in Los Angeles, USA and in Munich, Germany in 2012. From 2016 to 2018, it won the German Industrial Design Red Dot Award, CES Best Design Award and Innovation Award for three consecutive years. Our own brands sell well in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and our products are sold directly through multiple global chain channels Apple, Fnac, Auchan, DARTY, dixons, Best Buy, WILLOUGHBY′S, DECATHLON, SPORT ZONE, amazon, B&H, Adorama, THE HOME DEPOT, MVIDEO, ULMART, MEDIA-MARKT, ONLINE-TRADE, EUROSET, LOTTE EMART and other large global chain stores have established long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations with the most powerful customers at home and abroad.

AEE insists on breakthrough technological innovation, expands its technological leadership, and realizes what it has never been able to with technology!

Two, corporate environment

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