2017CES Asia direct hit: YUNEEC Haoxiang brand new upgraded drone intelligent flying experience

The 2017 Asia Consumer Electronics Show opened today in Shanghai, gathering media, experts, consumers, and electronics enthusiasts from the consumer electronics industry at home and abroad to gather at the Shanghai International Expo Center to conduct all-round interactive exchanges to see the latest technological trends in the industry. The sliced ​​electronic ecological chain presents the most in-depth and explosive front line of technology.

It is reported that this year’s CES Asia covers 19 categories, including automotive technology, 3D printing, audio products, content and online platforms, Internet of Things, VR, home entertainment, smart wear and more than 453 companies appearing at this event. There are also emerging technologies such as robots and drones that catch people’s attention. Next, let us walk into the journey of Haoxiang UAV Zhifei.

YUNEEC Hao Xiang Zhiqi flight, new technology upgrade

As a “rising star”, YUNEEC Haoxiang made a major debut at CES Asia 2017 after decades of hard work. The Haoxiang UAV, which focuses on “Intelligent Flight, Defines Possibility”, has been upgraded with new technologies in many aspects, pursuing the concept of ultimate craftsmanship and user experience, refreshing the UAV’s intelligent flight experience.

At this exhibition, YUNEEC Haoxiang successively demonstrated its many products developed for industry drones and consumer drones, including Typhoon H, H520 three gimbal cameras, Breeze light wind, and as early as 2015 In 2005, YUNEEC Haoxiang launched the Q500 4K, a professional aerial imaging system H920 Plus, a “ground-air integration” imaging solution in China; it demonstrated the drone flight operations through the on-site test flight area, and truly restored the drone flight scenes. It is extremely dynamic visual enjoyment.

According to the technical staff of YUNEEC Haoxiang: “YUNEEC Haoxiang UAV fully takes into account user experience and product performance release under the premise of pursuing technological upgrades. The UAVs on display have all developed APP operations combined with keyboard operations. Mode, in which Breeze light breeze can completely operate without the keyboard and use the mobile APP.”

In this way, users can fully combine their own operating habits to choose a suitable operating mode. In addition, Haoxiang UAV has gone through a long R&D stage of “from scratch, from existence to excellence”. It has proved its technical strength with a variety of excellent products. This time CES Asia is committed to Redefine the application solutions of intelligent drones.

H520 won the “Best Product Award” to meet the needs of diverse scenarios

A H520 with “orange and black warning” fuselage attracted many media and consumers to stop and watch. This is a new commercial grade hexarotor drone released at CES in the United States in early 2017, and obtained ROTOR. DRONE Magazine CES 2017 “Best Exhibit Award” has attracted great attention from the industry.

H520 has the characteristics of long battery life, low noise, support for SDK/API development, etc., and the flight time can be up to 28 minutes. It is worth mentioning that the H520 three pan/tilt cameras can reduce user procurement costs and solve the diversified commercial needs of yuneec drone, whether it is traffic supervision, film and television shooting, forest fire search and rescue, inspections, etc.; H520 can be matched with different pan-tilt cameras at any time. It is as simple as changing the battery of a mobile phone to meet the needs of users for more scenarios. It can be called a star product of YUNEEC Haoxiang UAV.

Typhoon H: RealSense technology support, enter the six-axis multi-rotor market

As the first-generation product jointly launched by YUNEEC Haoxiang and Intel, Typhoon H refreshed the experience of traditional aerial drones and achieved unprecedented technological innovation. With the blessing of Intel’s RealSense chip technology, Typhoon H has become the first intelligent six-axis multi-rotor UAV that can plan its path independently in a true sense and is not restricted by venues.

In addition, Typhoon H is full of honorary stars. It not only won the “Best UAV Award” at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in the United States and the “Best UAV Award” at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Asia, but also gave the industry a full Show the significance of artificial intelligence + drones.

Breeze light breeze, Q500 4K /H920 Plus intelligent advanced road

YUNEEC Haoxiang is committed to the civilianization of “core technology”, allowing many users to share the achievements of intelligent flight technology. Breeze is the representative of YUNEEC Haoxiang’s popular drone. Breeze’s “one-key takeoff” fool-like operation makes the user experience more intelligent and convenient, allowing you to feel the joy of “getting started and flying” instantly.

Based on YUNEEC Haoxiang’s years of R&D accumulation in the fields of aviation models and electric manned flight, YUNEEC launched representative and competitive products at the beginning of its entry into the multi-rotor UAV market. Viewers who see the H920 Plus will exclaim “so cool”. The domineering body is equipped with a GB603 gimbal and battery, which is as cool as a sci-fi show. The flight time can be up to 24 minutes yuneec drone, and the farthest can reach 2 kilometers. Come to the YUNEEC Haoxiang booth to enjoy the journey of Zhifei.

Driving China interviewed Ying Ying, head of the China Marketing Department of YUNEEC Haoxiang UAV. She said: YUNEEC “Haoxiang” UAV will adhere to the direction of intelligence, and provide users with more convenient and diversified intelligent flying options. Friends who are more concerned about drones come to the drone family to share the fun of flying with intelligent technology development enthusiasts.

Generally speaking, while emerging technology fields are gradually entering the fast lane, YUNEEC Haoxiang UAV can keep up with the trend of continuous improvement in technology, and can ingeniously refine and find a balance between the “cold” and “hot” markets. Point steadily forward. From pioneering staking to the international market layout, YUNEEC Haoxiang can be regarded as a “strength” spoiler among the latecomers. The direction of capital proves that the industry is highly recognized and the potential market space value, and it also allows us to find a suitable face in the face of drones: the unicorn on the move, YunEEC Haoxiang, “wisdom” to fly, and the future is promising.

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