DJI’s strongest opponent may be YUNEEC

When I heard about YUNEEC, I once mistakenly thought it was a foreign drone company. The first impression of the official website in English is that it is so indifferent to the people, and it can only take the agent to get the goods. Can not accept.

After checking the information, I learned that YUNEEC was founded in Hong Kong in 1999, mainly for the development and manufacture of high-tech electric aircraft, small drones, sports cameras and personal electric propulsion equipment. Its core technology is manned aircraft, aerial photography system (APV) and radio controlled aircraft.

Because of this, the biggest difference between it and other domestic consumer drone manufacturers is that although it started as an electric model toy, people can now build manned electric aircraft (E430), but DJI can’t, Zero degrees will not work, let alone Yihang.


For their electric aircraft E430, some netizens wrote:

Although the E430 aircraft was designed by a German company, it is not important. For this aircraft, the key is the electric power used, which is very impressive. In addition, the technical personnel of this aircraft are Chinese, and the integration of the core electric components of this aircraft is made by the Chinese themselves, and the test pilot for the first flight is also Chinese. It can be said that the design, manufacture, flight test, and sales of E430 are projects operated by Chinese private enterprises and individuals without government involvement.

The evaluation is a bit high, but it also shows the strength. After all, the manned electric aircraft that the Chinese have made themselves, but then again, is the design concept of manned aircraft really suitable for drones? How about YUNEEC’s drones?



The picture shows Q500

The consumer drone Q500, also known as Typhoon, is a four-axis aerial drone with a three-axis stabilized gimbal and camera that can shoot 1080/50p full HD video. The biggest feature is that the user can take off within one minute after getting it, no need to assemble and purchase any accessories. And it is often compared with DJI’s Phantom 3 in the industry.

In the process of actual experience, it can be found that perhaps based on the design concept of manned aircraft, YUNEEC’s drones are very conservative in speed and operation (with sufficient power margin), so they are quite stable. There is no such thing as a soaring momentum, and there is no feeling of falling into the sky. Novices can play, but Lao Fei may not be interesting. In addition, the “landing triple jump” mode may really need to be considered. The hand will complain a little bit.


The picture shows the Q500 handheld remote control

The all-in-one remote control integrates a screen, and you can view the viewfinder screen of the aerial lens in real time. This is an obvious difference from DJI and other drone remote control.

The all-in-one design will firstly facilitate the use of many users. You no longer need to set up a mobile phone as a screen, and also avoid the embarrassment of accidental calls during the flight. Of course, this cost is counted on consumers. In addition, there is no adaptation problem with mobile phones, so YUNEEC adds another point in terms of stability. The built-in Android operating system can solve many problems on the remote control, such as the lifting of the novice mode, the switching between American and Japanese hands, etc., which is quite convenient.


The picture shows the Q500 handheld gimbal

Another thing worth mentioning is a handheld stabilizer handle, which is also a highlight. You can install the gimbal and camera on the Q500 directly, and then block a mobile phone on it, and you can use this belt through the APP There is a three-axis stabilization camera, and the handheld gimbal and the drone are together, no additional purchase is required, the industry’s conscience.


The picture shows Q500 WIZARO

Finally, do you know what this remote control is for? It is used to control the flight of drones. Although the sparrow is small and complete, it can do all the control functions that can be realized by the handheld remote control, and it refers to where to fly. When the pilot carries the remote control on his body, the drone can also achieve the two functions of follow me and watch me, that is, the drone will automatically follow you or shoot you without any operation. Powerful, more than LILY.

Tornado H920


The picture shows H920

The appearance of Tornado H920 is similar to DJI’s S series. It is a professional aerial drone. Compared with Q500, it is more professional, has more axles, is more stable, and has stronger performance. The mountable camera is heavier and more high-end. The aerial photography effect is better, even flying in strong wind and rain, of course it is more expensive.


The picture shows the H920 ground station

The ground station also looks very professional yuneec drone. As for the actual use effect, it is not clear because there is no experience. However, according to reports, it is similar to what the Q500 remote can achieve.


The picture shows the V18 camera

H920 is larger, so the types of cameras that can be mounted below will be more diverse. V18 is a camera that can achieve 18x zoom, and remote zoom can be achieved through the controls on the ground station. The main purpose of the expensive V18 is in the field of security, such as capturing license plates at high altitude.


The picture shows the H920 handheld gimbal

YUNEEC’s most interesting approach is to equip all drones with corresponding professional boxes, while other brands have to be purchased additionally, and each drone will be equipped with a corresponding handheld gimbal bracket. The same is true for the H920. It is made of carbon fiber. The two-hand bracket is shoulder-width apart, and there are control buttons on the bracket to directly control the camera’s shooting angle and direction.


The picture shows the CGO4 gimbal camera

The CGO4 gimbal camera is a 4K camera for drone aerial photography jointly developed by YUNECC and Panasonic. It integrates the Panasonic GH4 camera movement, 3x optical zoom lens and 5.8 GHz real-time image transmission module in the camera housing , Can be used not only on the H920, but also on the handheld stand.


The picture shows the E-GO electric skateboard

Finally, there is an electric skateboard E-GO that did not show up at the scene. I saw this skateboard at an exhibition before. Its appearance is almost the same as that of domestic STARY or mainstream electric skateboards. When asked about the details Not much information has been obtained. But what is certain is that the original intention of E-GO is likely not to be used for short-distance travel, but for handheld shooting.

YUNEEC turned out to be low-key, and vomited several products at once. It seems that they are ready to open up the territory of the motherland and make a big effort. Whether it is from the company’s background or product quality, they are a very powerful company and have a reputation in the circle. Intel’s USD 6000W capital injection in August this year gave them more confidence. But having said that, if you want to open the country, the first step is to change the official website to Chinese version yuneec drone, after all, Chinese is the best.

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