What is the use of DJI drones and what they can do

Mainly used for aerial photography. DJI has many drone products. Among them, the DJI Phantom 3 series is suitable for novices, especially the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. The price is beautiful: RMB 4799. Secondly, this product has a battery life of 25 minutes, is equipped with a customized 94° wide-angle fixed focus lens, can record up to 30 frames per second 2.7K high-definition video, can shoot 12 million pixel still photos, support JPEG and DNG RAW format. On the other hand, the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Edition is equipped with the newly upgraded DJI GO mobile app to help users adjust camera parameters and view the shooting results in real time within 1 km through the built-in WiFi HD image transmission system. In addition, the built-in flight simulator of DJI GO allows users to practice flying in a safe and realistic virtual environment without leaving home. There are also new features such as “Waypoints” and “Point of Interest”. The waypoint flight function allows users to design personalized routes by setting waypoints and camera lens angles, and the point of interest surround function allows users to fly around and take pictures of specified scenes.

The drone is no longer the “aircraft” that can only be used for shooting, nor is it just a toy for more people. In fact, it is colliding with all the fields you can imagine, changing the way of human production and work to varying degrees.

In the exploration of drones, big companies have always been at the forefront.

1.Fb’s Aqulila: UAV goes to the sky, the network landed

Facebook, Qualcomm, Samsung and others have led the establishment of a non-profit project dedicated to providing free basic network services to countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. What makes this project possible is the large drone Akulila manufactured by Faebook. Its wings are covered with solar panels and use laser transmitters to transmit Internet signals from high altitude. Aqulila can accumulate electrical energy during the day to ensure night flight, the highest flight record is two weeks.

As part of the project, Aqulila has helped 1 billion people in 11 countries achieve network coverage.

2. Microsoft: drones carrying mosquito traps to Latin American countries to catch mosquitoes

Microsoft also uses drones for public welfare. In Africa, mosquitoes are more likely to take lives than hunger, crime and tribal conflicts. A large number of viruses are spread by mosquitoes. Dengue virus alone can take away 70,000 lives in Africa every year.

Microsoft disclosed a project called Project Premonition (“Pre-warning”). In the project, drones with mosquito traps roam the island of Grenada in Latin America to catch mosquitoes that can be used for research. It sounds more effective than setting up power grids to catch mosquitoes.

Gates believes that by catching live mosquitoes to the laboratory, some information about the spread of viruses can be obtained in advance, and even if their spread cannot be completely controlled, vaccines can be developed in advance. And these catching these mosquitoes is very important.

3. Amazon: The dream of a drone flying all over the sky for delivery

Amazon chose to use drones as an important part of its business. In the Amazon phenomenon, the couriers in the future will be drones, and drones are all over the sky looking for customers. If the battery is out, the delivery will continue after being recharged at a nearby charging station.


4. Silicon Valley: UAVs have become models in Fashion Week

Betabrand, a fashion crowdfunding website, held a fashion show in Silicon Valley where technology companies gather, setting off a new fashion in the technology circle. The biggest highlight of this show is that drones replaced the models in the traditional fashion show and flew onto the runway to display their clothes.

Of course, don’t forget the most essential function of drones: shooting! Shoot! Shoot!

1. Director Cameron organized a drone contest for filming

It’s nothing new to show your face in reality shows like “Where Are You Going, Dad”. Now drones are increasingly appearing in movies. Many of the actors’ facial close-ups and aerial views of the city in Hollywood movies were taken with drones.

As another example, the popular American drama “Game of Thrones” was also filmed by drones. Nowadays, the famous director Cameron has also noticed this small machine. He sponsored a new drone contest in New Zealand, hoping to find a camera drone that is more suitable for Hollywood movie shooting.

2. The drone goes to the secret realm

In the deserted city, there are a lot of strange landscapes that are rarely seen. Many secrets that cannot be reached by human footprints can be easily explored by drones.

For example, DJI drove drones into Chernobyl to record the natural scenery of this land in the ruins quietly rejuvenating. The three drones worked together to show the long-term radiation-induced red forest in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the lens.

3. Reproduce ancient buildings with archaeologists

With the expansion of Peru’s cities, more than 100,000 significant archaeological sites have been eroded by urban development. In order to preserve these sites permanently, an archaeologist is trying to use 3D mapping software and DJI Inspire 1 to reproduce these ancient sites and buildings.

4. Live a match live

At the 2015 Nürburgring 24 Hours Endurance Race in Germany, drones hovered in the air, and spectators at the scene and in front of the TV could have an overview of the game. In such competitive competitions, traditional shooting methods are extremely dangerous, and drones can not only solve this problem perfectly, but also expand the audience’s perspective.

For example, the two iconic corners Karussell and Adenauer Forst/Metzgesfeld can be captured in such a timely manner.

5. Also, self-portrait by tricks

Using a selfie stick to take selfies may have restricted the performance of many people. When there are a large number of people, the selfie stick stays on a 180-degree plane to shoot really restrictive.

Try the drone. The almost thresholdless drone Lily can achieve four shooting modes: FlyUp, Side, Follow, and Lead, and can help you take selfies in 360 degrees even if you are in motion.

Tokyo’s Party Lab also modified the image of DJI’s Phantom drones as “pigeons” and created an app called “Potline”: when users use this app, “pigeons” It will fly to the user’s location and take photos of them from the air.

The drone can do more…

1. Participate in a professional competition

FPV (FirstPersonView, first-person view) drone competition is an emerging competition project. In the competition, participants need to wear a headset that can accept the drone’s on-board camera and use radio to control the drone’s flight.

Preparing a set of equipment required to participate in the competition costs about US$600 to US$920, and you only need to pay a membership fee of US$10 to participate in the competition. A competition usually involves 4 pilots, and the drones participating in the competition are basically similar in size, motor power, and battery life. As for the way of competition, participants can both race and time.

2. Participate in agricultural production

“UAVs will revolutionize China’s agricultural production methods”-this is what Shenzhen Jifei Technology is doing. Jifei’s agricultural plant protection UAV system includes four modules of Nongfei P20 UAV, XSense Nongfei Intelligent Weather Station, Nongfei A1 Ground Station and Agricultural UAV Scheduling Management System. Through a complete set of operating systems, drones can achieve irrigation, pesticide spraying and other operational problems that would otherwise need to be solved manually.

3. Help children with autism see the world

The idea of ​​letting autistic children overlook the world with a drone comes from Paul Braun, a father of three boys in Wisconsin, USA. One of his children was diagnosed with autism, and Paul raised funds and broke into the non-profit organization “TakingAutismToTheSky” (TakingAutismToTheSky).

The purpose of Palu’s creation of this organization is to let children with autism learn to assemble, control, and repair drones so that they can see the world better through drones.

4. “Dialogue” with animals

While we were watching Animal World on TV, the staff of Tanzania National Park was operating a drone to have a silent conversation with elephants.

The park managers control drones in a non-aggressive way, allowing the planes to fly within a certain safe distance from the elephants, slowly guiding the elephants away from the crops and protecting them from the elephants. And one of the reasons why this can work is that the buzzing sound of drones has a certain deterrent effect on elephants. Studies have shown that elephants stay away from the sounds similar to bees dji drones because they know that being stung by bees is very painful.

In addition, drones are participating in more and more fields of work with its gradually lowering threshold of maneuverability and powerful video shooting capabilities, such as helping herders to graze remotely, participating in rescue at the accident site, and helping public security departments Realize real-time tracking in the process of handling cases, and marriage proposals, etc.

These stories are not new dji drones, but they are worth being told again and again. Because drones are changing our lives. Human hands are liberated again. Imagine your future life. Courier, food delivery person, electronic pet will all be a drone.

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