DJI develops a two-axis drone? Two patents for gimbal cameras are exposed at the same time

The rumors that DJI will launch FPV drones have only flowed out earlier. Recently, foreign media DroneDJ discovered dji drones and discovered two new DJI patents on the website of the State Intellectual Property Office of China , One is a drone with a dual-propeller design, and the other is a four-axis drone with a triangular frame design.

Two-axis machine folding design

The dual-axis design UAV V-Copr Falco released by Zero Zero Robotics last year). Because there are only two sets of motors, the fuselage is more power-saving, allowing its endurance to reach 50 minutes. It seems that DJI is also working in this direction. The new patented drone has only two sets of propellers, which are located above the square fuselage, instead of V-Copr Falcon’s V-shaped dual-axis design, with a lens embedded in the front of the fuselage. , Rather than the common pan-tilt design. In addition, dji drone, the two sets of propellers have a folding design.


As for another UAV patent, similar to the FPV UAV is that the fuselage has a flat appearance, and DroneDJ believes that it is somewhat similar to the appearance of Parrot ANAFI USA. It adopts a four-axis design, two of which use telescopic arms and are fixed with an outer frame to form a triangular appearance. Since all four axes in the picture already have the appearance of motors, it is likely that they have built-in ESC motor controllers.


DJI also has two patents for gimbal products, one of which is a two-hand gimbal, which looks like a professional product. The handle on the right has button operations. The design in the picture seems to have a built-in screen, which does not seem to be a tablet holder. I believe it can provide real-time view, shooting data and other information. Foreign media speculate that the gimbal uses an interchangeable camera, which may be compatible with the lens of the upcoming Inspire 3 drone.

Another integrated pan-tilt camera has a folding design. The lens and pan-tilt can be folded to the body, making it flat and easy to carry, and then unfold for shooting when used. Foreign media speculated that it may be a redesigned version of Osmo Pocket.

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