Portable mini refrigerator

Nowadays, more and more city people like to travel by car on weekends, but many times we will be distressed that we cannot carry a lot of food that needs to be kept warm, such as cold beer drinks, etc. If there is a compact refrigerator that can be placed in your It would be a pleasant enjoyment to get an iced drink in the car at any time. Moses Moses Shopping Network has prepared a fashionable and popular portable mini refrigerator in Japan: TWINBIRD2 rechargeable mini incubator OR-C638BL.

便携迷你小冰箱TWINBIRD 2 OR-C638BL

The compact body allows you to put it wherever you need it, and the hot and cold option that can be switched at any time allows you to use it all year round. In my room, or on the bus, you can use dual power supply. • Both leisure and parties can be very useful!

· Color: Blue (BL) Rated capacity (approximately): 5.5 L Size (approximately): width 235 × depth 305 × height 300 mm, weight (approximate): 3.3 kg Operating noise (approximate): 27 dB ( Strong cold) / 24dB (or less cold) / 20 decibels (warm type)

Power consumption (cold temperature 30 ° c): AC100V (55W) /DC12V (42 W, 3.5A) refrigerating temperature… …strong cooling 5 ° c ± 3 ° c (ambient temperature 25 ℃) or less cold : 7 ° c ± 3 ° c (ambient temperature 25 ° C) Insulation temperature: 60 ° c ± 6 ° c (ambient temperature: 23 ° c) Power code length: 2.0 meters (AC power) / 2.8m (DC power code : Cigarette lighter socket combined code) Amazon.co.jp Product introduction ● The compressed size is suitable for personal use

Convenient personal size from compact furniture still placed

· You don’t have to mind the noise in private rooms or wards, and use the driving sound mute design

The low-noise design of the cooling fan allows you to maintain a quiet indoor environment

· Up to 500ml plastic bottles can be placed up to four vertically


Dual-core cargo express capability. 4 500ml bottles are just available for storage (not including some special shapes). Convenient pocket

The inner door, put oshibori, sweets portable refrigerator, etc. inside

· Redesign the product color


If placed in a room portable refrigerator, the appearance of the product and the color of the furniture will not conflict. The color of the product is coordinated with the indoor personality

· Formula for using power supply in two rooms


The 100V AC, DC 12V power switch in the electronically insulated incubator is the perfect choice to put on the car.

Usually used in your room, can be used as a car hot box during leisure vacations. Very active even leisure day camp, picnic, drive and travel

· Cold and hot switching can be changed at any time throughout the year

150 The freezing temperature is an ambient temperature of minus 20 ℃ (example: around 23 ° c if the oven is about 3 degrees in forced cooling ※). Put it in your room, like refreshing drinks and jelly, get it right away.

The hot furnace temperature is about 60°C. You can hot coffee cans and soup cans.

● Use filter after care is convenient

Add a filter on the back of the body. The colorful fan dust net captures and is easy to clean.

● Environmentally friendly non-electronic cooling type

Peltier with stable cold and thermal insulation capabilities

Moses Moses Shopping Network and Japan’s Amazon will provide you with the purchasing service of this compact and convenient incubator, so that you can own this product without leaving your home.

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