How to use the car refrigerator? What are the precautions?

The emergence of car refrigerators brings a lot of convenience to our travels. In fact, Car refrigerators are a continuation of household refrigerators, using a kind of cooling effect achieved by semiconductor electronics< strong>Car refrigerator technology. It produces neither noise nor pollution, and is lightweight, so car refrigerators are more and more popular with consumers. It’s just that many people don’t know how to use the car refrigerator when they buy it. Which part of the car is more appropriate and safe to put the car refrigerator? Let me share with you how to use the car refrigerator.

How to use the car refrigerator?

When we buy car refrigerator, we also need to buy another multi-function socket. The reason for buying a socket is to ensure that while the car is used in a restrained manner, other equipment such as car lights and hands-free equipment can be used at the same time. In addition, if you configure a power converter, the car refrigerator can be used at home and in the car, which is very convenient. When using car refrigeratorcar refrigeratorcar refrigerator, try not to enter the air inlet of the refrigerator to avoid damage to car refrigerator . If you need to switch from one temperature to another when using the car refrigerator, you need to cut off the power of the car refrigerator, which takes about 10 minutes. It can be reused. For the food placed in the car refrigerator, neither too hot nor corrosive, otherwise it will damage the inner container of the car refrigerator.

Car refrigeratorWhere is it suitable for use?

When we choose, we can choose the appropriate car refrigerator according to the size of our car model, generally 12V or 24V wide voltage adaptation. For the smaller car refrigerator, we can place it in the front passenger position or in the middle of the rear seat; if it is larger, we can consider putting it in the trunk of the car, but due to the ventilation effect It is not very good, so it is recommended not to leave it for too long.

Car refrigeratorPrecautions for use

When using the car refrigerator in a car, keep the air vents and heat dissipation holes of the car refrigerator unobstructed, and don’t put things in The above two openings of the car refrigerator should be kept away from the heat source on the car. If you are cleaning the car refrigerator, you need to turn off all the power, and you cannot use strong detergents to clean it.

The above is the usage method of car refrigerator and the precautions during use. We should pay attention to the maintenance of car refrigerator during use, and ensure that the Safety during use. And when choosing a product, it’s best to match the size of the model, otherwise the car refrigerator will be too large, which will cause the space in the car to become narrow, which will affect the car refrigerator > Use.

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