Top ten car refrigerators

Italian brand Indell is the inventor of the world’s 3233363533e4b893e5b19e339 car refrigerator, specializing in the production of compressor car refrigerator. In the European and American markets, it is a global partner of Volvo, Renault, Scania and other automobile brands. After entering the Chinese market in 2005, it has become a first-tier supplier of Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, JAC and other brands;

In the European market, Indell’s built-in truck refrigerator has a market share of 70%, the highest market share in Europe and America. Its yacht refrigerators and hotel refrigerators also dominate, reaching 85% and 50%, respectively. The products sell well in 66 countries and regions including the United States and Germany, which can be described as industry benchmarks.

At present, Indell focuses on the high-end car refrigerator market, and the full range of products on sale are compressors car refrigerators, semiconductor-free refrigerator product lines, compressors Car refrigerators are very similar in principle to household refrigerators. The core component is the compressor. All Indell’s products use the world’s top German SECOP DC inverter compressor, which has been evaluated by some domestic media. In China, Indell’s car refrigerator is better than other products of the same type in all aspects.

Indell’s car refrigerator has a capacity ranging from 12-40Lcar refrigerator. The product line is relatively complete. There are domestic production plants, so the production areas are all in China. Although the overall price is relatively high, the product performance and quality are relatively strong. The products have passed European CE (EN50498) and E/e-Mark certification. All series of products support shock and bump resistance (under road conditions with a tilt angle of 30° It can still work normally), low-voltage protection and mobile phone APP control (except T12R).

IndellCar refrigerator is divided into healthy H series, off-road Y series, touch T series, professional P series and vertical M series. Among them, the P series is at the highest end of the product line, focusing on ultra-large capacity above 45L, but it has not been opened for purchase by the general consumer group. The current flagship in the domestic market is the Y series. It should be noted that all Indell series products require special adapters to support 220V AC. However, except for Y series products, the standard equipment of other series does not contain household adapters, and additional purchases are required.

As the flagship product of the current domestic market, Indell Y40 is aimed at long-distance driving crowds and multi-person activity scenes. The box content points are freezer and cold storage areas, the minimum cooling temperature is -18℃, and the box is equipped with LED lighting. , Digital LCD display Car refrigerator, supports temperature control adjustment accurate to 1℃, but the large capacity of 40L and the weight of up to 17 kg may not be suitable for most people.

If there is no high-capacity demand, Indell T20 may be a more affordable choice. Indell T20 is the latest product in 2018. The 20L capacity is suitable for most needs. The damping slow-down door design can effectively prevent the refrigerator door from falling directly and hitting the hand. In the evaluation of some domestic media and individual users, the performance of T20 is equal It is excellent, but its empty box weighs close to 11 kg and has no shoulder strap design, which still has a certain impact on portability.

If you need a more lightweight product, you can consider Indell H18, the capacity of 18L is not much different from T20, but it is lighter, and the price is relatively cheap, which is very cost-effective. Model, but some users report that the noise during the cooling process is relatively large, which is still within the acceptable range.

The T12 series is also a good choice for smaller-capacity products. The T12 series currently includes three models: T12/T12S/T12R. The dimensions and weight of the three are basically the same, and the functions are almost the same. T12R is the highest-end model in the series. , The price of about 2200 yuan is the highest in this series. It is the only model with heating function in the compressor refrigerator. T12S is a mid-range version with LED lighting and a damping slow-down door design. The price is 2000 yuan. About, T12 does not have these three functions, it can be regarded as a basic version, the price is about 1,800 yuan

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