Why is your car refrigerator not ice at all?

Car semiconductor refrigerators are currently the car refrigerators used by most car owners, because they are relatively cheap and relatively convenient to use. (Reliable bloggers would not recommend the use of semiconductor car refrigerator, because it has no advantage except being cheap…)

SemiconductorCar refrigerator

However, car owners who use electronic semiconductor car refrigerators will basically encounter a problem, which is why the semiconductor car refrigerators are not cold? How to solve this problem?

Semiconductor car refrigerator is not cold for what reason?

The cooling temperature of the semiconductor car refrigerator itself is in the range of 5-60℃, which is above zero. Moreover, its minimum cooling temperature can only be lower than the current room temperature by 20°C, which means that if the room temperature is 20°C, the semiconductor car refrigerator can only be cooled to 5°C; while the room temperature is 30°C, the cooling only Can reach 10°C.


Condensing frost compressorcar refrigerator

. The most likely reason is that the car refrigerator malfunctions, which affects the cooling effect.

This kind of fault is usually very intuitive and can be seen, for example, the indicator light of the refrigerator does not light up after normal power-on, the switch does not work, etc.

Solution: repair it


CompressorCar refrigerator

Besides, why do many car owners feel that semiconductor car refrigerators are not cold? In addition to its own cooling, which is affected by the room temperature environment, the cooling efficiency of semiconductors is extremely limited. If there is more food in the box, the cooling speed will be greatly reduced.

For example, in a 12L car refrigerator, about 8L of food is placed, the temperature can only drop by 1-3°C within an hour of turning on the refrigerator, and the body feels even unable to feel the temperature drop.


T28Car refrigerator

New product T28Car refrigerator

In the last case, the semiconductor car refrigerator has limited cooling effect car refrigerator, and cannot be compared with compressor car refrigerator. It cannot be compared with household refrigerators, because its temperature cannot reach below zero, so there is no way to freeze or frost inside the cabinet.

This relatively poor cooling effect makes people feel that the car refrigerator is not cooling in a hot environment.


CompressorCar refrigeratorT28

So, the semiconductor car refrigerator is not cold in many cases, not because of malfunctions, but because it has only so much cooling effect on its own…

Bring a compressor car refrigeratorcar refrigerator, and go for a self-driving tour with the deliciousness of the refrigerator~

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