Does the small car refrigerator installed by myself cost electricity? Let the facts tell you the truth.

In the past few years, car refrigerators were still a very tall optional device. Generally, those with car refrigerators are very high-end luxury cars, but with the advancement of technology, there have been many The portable car refrigerator comes out car refrigerator, and it is very convenient, but some car owners and friends have to ask, if there is such a thing in my car, will it be extra expensive? Electricity? Let’s take a look together below!


Car refrigerator is the continuation of household refrigerators. Today, as the audience of car refrigerators is getting wider and wider, many people are buying car refrigerators But I don’t know how to use it later. Car refrigerators There are three types on the market: compressors, semiconductor electronics, and passive (refrigerant). Generally, the temperature and time requirements are not high, and the price is also suitable for semiconductor electronics and passive. , Go out for fun, take refrigerated drinks with you.

When buying a car refrigerator, you must also purchase a multi-function socket, which can ensure that your refrigerator, car lights, hands-free equipment, etc. are used at the same time. It is best to be equipped with a power converter, so that the refrigerator can be used in both home and car. ; When using the car refrigeratorcar refrigerator, try not to enter the air inlet, otherwise the car refrigerator will strike. No magnetic objects can be placed in the inner liner of the refrigerator to prevent the internal refrigeration chip from being affected.


Do not put hot and corrosive objects in the box to avoid damage to the inner tank. When switching from one temperature mode to another, cut off the power for 8-10 minutes. When putting it on the car, remember to cut off the power of the product after turning off the engine. All refrigerators have air outlets for heat dissipation. Be careful not to block the air outlets when placing them.

The power consumption of car refrigerators is very small, generally only tens of watts. Car refrigerators use very little power. When the car is started, the car refrigerator uses electricity from the generator, and when the car is parked, the car refrigerator transfers the electricity consumption to the battery. Anyone who has a large refrigerator at home knows that it takes several hours for a drink to cool before it is put in the refrigerator. This is also true for the car refrigerator. It takes 2-5 hours for a drink to cool.


So car refrigerator is very suitable for long-distance cars, short-distance cars only run for 1-2 hours, the drinks are not cold yet and the destination has arrived. So what should we do? The method of using the short-distance bus is to store the beverages in the large refrigerator at home before leaving the bus or freeze them. When leaving the bus, transfer the frozen beverages to the car refrigerator. Keep the drinks cool for a long time (note: the refrigerator stops working after the car is turned off).

Another way to use it is the dual-power car refrigerator. Usually the car refrigerator is placed at home with a 220V power supply. When the car is out, the refrigerator is transferred to the car Switch to a 12V car power supply immediately, which can also keep the beverage cool. Through the above introduction, everyone should know how to use car refrigerator and where to put car refrigerator. Now, the car refrigerator is no longer a special configuration for luxury cars, and the car refrigerator for several hundred dollars can also meet the needs of the general population. If you are interested in car refrigerator, you might as well give it a try.

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