Coolest portable refrigerator nine almighty big analysis. Car portable refrigerator must be necessary for summer travel

Coolest portable refrigerator nine almighty big analysis. Car portable refrigerator must be necessary for summer travel

COOLEST is a portable refrigerator. A suitcase-sized refrigerator has 9 very useful functions. At the end of November 2014, the refrigerator was named the 25 Best Inventions of 2014 by Time Magazine, calling it “the portable refrigerator that makes the party even hotter”.

The appearance of COOLEST is very pleasing. There are currently six colors. After opening this small box, there is a cave. In addition to the central refrigerator compartment portable refrigerator, it also has a special storage space for dishes, cutlery, and the open lid can also serve as a cutting board.

An 18-volt rechargeable blender is embedded on the top of the refrigerator, and the front of the refrigerator has an electric light, a bottle opener, and even a Bluetooth speaker. The whole body is waterproof, so it has good durability.

For outdoor activities, the most practical aspect of COOLEST is that it can charge mobile phones. The two USB ports can make the mobile phone stay away from cooking outdoors, and the mobile power can stay at home.

Outdoor activities also require the equipment to have good mobility. COOLEST has two wide rollers, and comes with a binding belt and a card slot. Pack the required items on the COOLEST, tie them with straps and lock them, and this refrigerator becomes a luggage rack.

As a mobile refrigerator in a car, Coolest is simply a caring little cook! In addition to the necessary refrigeration function of the refrigerator, it also has space for storing tableware, and the open lid is just the cutting board.

It comes with an 18-volt rechargeable blender, which is very useful when you want to mix wine or have a healthy fruit and vegetable juice. Bottle openers, lights, USB charging are all useful and convenient functions.

As a good outdoor partner, it is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers! When creating an atmosphere, you can get twice the result with half the effort. In order to coordinate with the movement of the portable refrigerator outdoors and campsites, it also has two wide rollers with good grip, making it easy to walk on the beach.

The top of the refrigerator also comes with a binding strap and a card slot. If you have anything that is not easy to handle, please take it and fasten it with a strap. Coolest will immediately turn into a capable luggage rack and work hard!

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