“Coolest Cooler” multifunctional portable outing artifact

Now that our families have fewer and fewer opportunities to travel, people seem to be more keen on long-distance travel. However, do you still remember the childhood when you took a basket with your family and filled with food made by your mother to go outing. Ryan Grepper and his team released their designed product on the crowdfunding website, this versatile and cool portable refrigerator.

“CoolestCooler” is not only a refrigerator, but also includes a built-in crusher mixer, USB charging station, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a hidden cutting board and many hidden functions.


There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of mixed cocktail or milkshake and some delicious food on a hot day. The refrigerator has two lids. One lid hides a blender, and when the other lid is opened, it is a “cutting board”. The built-in blender helps you make free drinks in the suburbs. And take the food out of the refrigerator portable refrigerator, put it on a cutting board and cut it open, and then turn the cutting board over, it becomes a plate for holding food.


You can also connect your mobile phone to the refrigerator with Bluetooth. At this time, it turns into a waterproof speaker, allowing you to enjoy happy time. And, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of power, just connect your phone to the refrigerator and you can charge it instantly.

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The refrigerator has many hidden functions in details. For example, when drinking cold drinks in the wild, the refrigerator also has a beer opener. The lid of the refrigerator uses an LED light. When you open the lid, the light shines into the refrigerator to help you easily take out the food at night.

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There is a pair of tires at the bottom of the refrigerator, which is convenient for the refrigerator to move. When you want to leave, just close the refrigerator lid to drag the refrigerator away. In addition, you can put folding chairs and umbrellas for outings on the refrigerator portable refrigerator. There are bandages on the refrigerator to tie up these items to prevent items from slipping off during the movement.

Take such an outing artifact and enjoy the holiday time,

Designer: Ryan Grepper

Product name: Coolest Cooler

Product status: crowdfunding

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