Is the car refrigerator easy to use? How to use the car refrigerator?

Car refrigerator You don’t need to know this thing. Once you use it, you can’t do without it! !


In fact, car refrigerators are mostly pre-installed in some luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz or Rolls-Royce; because car refrigerators are an enhancement A weapon, if you don’t have a refrigerator in the car, you’re embarrassed to say hello to someone…


By the way, the car refrigerator used to be the standard equipment of luxury cars, which is a guarantee of compelling standards. But now it’s different. On the e-commerce platform, just search for various brands and various tricks of car refrigerators. It is dazzling. There are only things you can’t think of, no ones you can’t buy (Car refrigerators< /strong>)!


So car refrigerator works well? Car refrigerator is a very subjective question Car refrigerator, some people’s car is used to commute to and from get off work, it is not recommended to commute for one or two hours Spend this money to buy a car refrigerator to force it.


In other scenarios, the car refrigerator is much easier to use. It’s hot to buy a dish, without the refrigerator, it breaks and stinks every minute. In addition, car refrigerator, when buying car refrigerator, it is best to prepare a car mobile power supply, 30000mA can meet the car refrigerator continuous use of power 6 8 hours; this ensures that the car refrigerator can be used normally in any scenario.


Finally, how to use car refrigerator? Here is a little car refrigerator use notes:

It is best to be equipped with a power converter, so that the refrigerator can be used at home and in the car;

When using the car refrigerator, try not to get water into the air inlet, otherwise the car refrigerator will go on strike;

No magnetic objects should be placed in the inner container of the refrigerator to prevent the internal cooling chip from being affected;

Do not put overheated and corrosive objects in the box to avoid damage to the inner tank;

When changing from one temperature mode to another, cut off the power for 8-10 minutes;

When using in a car, remember to cut off the power of the product after turning off the engine;

All refrigerators have air outlets for heat dissipation. Be careful not to block the air outlets when placing them.


Car refrigerator only needs to be used normally, generally there are not too many problems that need attention. Of course, the compressor car refrigerator due to the nature of the compressor, the inclination angle of the compressor cannot exceed 45°, otherwise it will affect the life of the car refrigerator.


Some other details that need to be paid attention to are the power cord of the car refrigerator. The car refrigerator that receives electricity through a cigarette lighter needs to prepare a suitable power cord or strong>Refit a cigarette lighter interface near the car refrigerator.

Don’t forget that the refrigerator needs to dissipate heat, so remember to leave enough space!

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