Does the refrigerator be too small? You may need a “portable” cellar that does not need to be plugged in

There are many ways to store food. The most common is to use a refrigerator or a cellar-the latter is too old and requires a large space, but it is quite green because it does not require electricity. At the Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile) last month, Dutch design company Weltevree showed off a small cellar (at least in the cellar sector, this cellar is small) called Groundfridge (ground refrigerator?). The refrigerator has a huge storage space.

Groundfridge is absolutely green and environmentally friendly. The principle is like a normal cellar. It is the earth’s own insulation and heat preservation properties that keep food fresh. Therefore, although such a device has the word “fridge” in its name, it does not need to be plugged in.

This cellar with a strong presence weighs 300kg and has a diameter of 2.28m (a good place for Tibetans). The material used is polyester plastic, and there are cabinets and lighting facilities inside. As shown in the picture, the door of the cellar is tilted high. From this perspective, Groundfridge should be regarded as a portable product in the cellar world, even if it seems to be a single person, it is difficult to move.


According to Weltevree’s portable refrigerator, the capacity of Groundfridge is approximately equivalent to 20 ordinary refrigerators. If you have a 250-square-meter vegetable garden, you can basically stuff it in after harvest; If it is for food, you can load 500kg. It is said that when the outside temperature is between -10℃-35℃, it can also stabilize the internal temperature at 7℃-15℃.

In fact, Groundfridge is not a new invention, but it is suitable for home use. This product is expected to go on sale in the middle of this year. The price is currently unknown. Portable refrigerator. Even if it may not be attractive to ordinary families, people with food and certain things may need it, or Useful when disconnecting from the outside world for a period of time.

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