The portable vaccine refrigerator became popular. The principle is simple but very practical.

Some inventions may be of little use to us, but to people in some areas, they are of great significance. Previously, the author reported that an Indian man who dropped out of high school invented a refrigerator made of clay. Although the cooling effect is not as good as that of refrigerators with compressors on the market, in the earthquake-prone areas of India, this does not require plug-in and Cheap refrigerators have great practical value in the local area.

No, another guy named Will Broadway invented a portable refrigerator that can keep vaccines at the best temperature. This refrigerator, called “Isobar”, can maintain a stable temperature for 30 days. The principle is to produce ammonia vapor by heating ammonia and water. When it needs to be cooled, the vapor is released into a sealed tank.

In portable refrigerators in war-prone and destitute areas, the vaccine delivery method is flawed, which will cause the vaccine to freeze before reaching the destination. The “Isobar” refrigerator is The purpose is for vaccine transportation and other medical purposes.

The picture comes from the Internet

In fact, at first glance, this portable refrigerator looks like an insulated lunch box. This kind of portable refrigerator is not uncommon in China. There are also many portable refrigerators of various styles on the Internet, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan, with volumes ranging from a few liters to tens of liters, which are the same as ordinary household refrigerators. Using compressors for refrigeration can also reach very low temperatures.

Of course, if it is purely for vaccine storage, it naturally has strict requirements on temperature. Generally, it should be kept at a constant temperature between 2-8°C. Take Aucma, which is famous for refrigeration, as an example. Its two series of 2-8℃ medical refrigerators and medical refrigerator-freezers can not only control the temperature accurately, but also can keep the temperature in the box constant at 2℃-8℃, which is widely used. It is suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, health centers, scientific research institutes, disease prevention and control centers and other industry institutions, used to store medicines, reagents, vaccines, biological products, etc.

It can be seen that compared with those dedicated medical refrigerators, the “Isobar” refrigerator is undoubtedly a bit rough and crude. Of course, portable refrigerators have different national conditions and different requirements and conditions. As far as my country is concerned, since the occurrence of a series of cases involving vaccines in Shandong and South Africa, the safety management of vaccine transportation and storage has been significantly strengthened. The government has even invested heavily in the provision of special refrigerators for vaccine storage. For those areas where wars are prone and poor and backward, the “Isobar” refrigerator still has great practical significance.

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