How to choose a portable refrigerator? How much does a portable refrigerator cost [Introduction]

Portable refrigerators are not only suitable for indoor use, but also very good outdoors. Whether they can be used in the office or when traveling, they can also be used when traveling. It has the same cooling and heating functions as normal refrigerators, which is convenient The refrigerator is very popular in modern society. So how to choose a portable refrigerator? How much is a portable refrigerator? Let’s follow along with the editor to understand.

First, how to choose a portable refrigerator

1, check the appearance

When purchasing, check the appearance of the portable refrigerator Portable refrigerator to see if the door is square and the surface of the cabinet is intact; check if the magnetic door of the refrigerator is tight enough, this is the option Consumers must pay attention to issues that must be paid attention to when purchasing portable refrigerators.

2. Energy saving effect

When purchasing a portable refrigerator, consider the energy-saving effect of the refrigerator. Because the power consumption of a portable refrigerator is relatively large, you need to understand this information when you buy it. Choose portable refrigerators with good reputation, such as Midea and Haier refrigerators, which are of good quality.

3, listen to the sound

You can also judge the sound of the portable refrigerator during operation through the senses. If the refrigerator is running louder, don’t choose it; or you can feel the temperature of the refrigerator during use by the hand. The normal hand temperature should be that the upper part of the condenser is hotter and the lower part heat. If the lower part is not hot, it means that the refrigeration system of the refrigerator is abnormal.

2. How much is a portable refrigerator?

How much is a portable refrigerator? In fact, the price of portable refrigerators will have some price deviations due to different brands, and the price will vary with different capacities. The general price is controlled at about four hundred to one thousand. About 50 liters, the price is about 600-800 yuan, and there are semiconductor refrigerators below 20 liters about 250-500 yuan. As for the specific price, it should refer to the above two points.

The above is about how to choose a portable refrigerator and how much is a portable refrigerator. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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