The principle of car refrigerators The difference between car refrigerators and household refrigerators How to buy car refrigerators

Car refrigerator can make people feel a little cool in the hot summer. Do you know the principle of Car refrigerator? Car refrigerator is cooled by a silicon chip, just like some water dispensers do not use compressors for cooling. So do you know the difference between car refrigerator and household refrigerator? Are there any buying tips for car refrigerators? Let’s learn more about car refrigerator with the brand ranking network.


Car refrigeratorPrinciple

Car refrigerator is cooled by a silicon chip, just like some water dispensers do not use compressors for cooling. The characteristics are low noise, portability and not easy to break.

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The principle of car refrigerator The use of decompression preservation technology can prolong the storage period; rapid decompression and cooling, rapid oxygen reduction, and rapid removal of harmful gas components; no need to car refrigerator The principle is the same type of mixed refrigerating cabinet, the storage capacity is large; the operation is flexible, the refrigerated cabinet is easy to use, and the cake refrigerated display cabinet can be put in and out at any time; extend the shelf life; omit air conditioning equipment, reduce construction Warehouse investment; fast cooling speed, fruits and vegetables can be stored directly in the warehouse without pre-cooling, saving energy.

The vacuum storage air conditioning device has the characteristics of low price, light weight, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.Car refrigerator principle and random loading and unloading, fundamentally solve the problem of limiting the promotion and application of pressure reduction technology ; The device can automatically humidify, maintain the relative humidity of the storage environment, and prevent the car refrigerator principle fruit and vegetable products from losing water due to decompression car refrigerator principle too much; automatic control And automatic detection. In 2002, a storage experiment of winter jujube and cherries was carried out, and good results were obtained. Among them, the quality of winter jujube was stored for 4 and a half months, the good fruit rate was close to 80%, and the water loss rate was controlled at 0.6% to 0.8%. The storage effect Obviously better than controlled atmosphere storage and cold storage.


The difference between car refrigerator and household refrigerator

1. Anti-vibration and anti-shake: Car refrigerator Good seismic performance Car refrigerator, adapt to bumpy road use;

2. Battery protection: Car refrigerator will automatically power off after reaching the battery protection setting value to protect the car from starting normally;

3. Electromagnetic interference: The electronic control module of the car refrigerator does not interfere with the electromagnetic interference of other electronic products in the car, and will not affect the normal use of the car battery;

4. Anti-falling protection: When car refrigerator is in use, a slight tilt will not affect normal operation. When the tilt reaches 45° or more, car refrigerator will automatically stop working. So as to protect the compressor;

The reason for the difference:

1. The car is constantly vibrating during driving, and good anti-shake and anti-shake performance can guarantee the normal use of the car refrigerator;

2, Car refrigerator is used by connecting a cigarette lighter to the car. When the car is turned off, the battery will continue to supply power to the refrigerator. At this time, battery protection can ensure that sufficient power is retained in the battery to ensure the car The normal ignition, so as to protect the safety of the battery;

3. There are many kinds of electronic products in the car, and various electromagnetic interference affects the normal operation. E-mark can ensure that the car refrigerator does not interfere with the normal operation of other electrical appliances and protects the Safe use of a kind of electronic equipment;

4. When the compressor is inclined too large, continuous work will cause damage to the compressor and affect its service life. The anti-fall protection can ensure that the compressor will automatically stop when the compressor is tilted more than 45°, thereby protecting the service life of the compressor .


Car refrigerator purchase tips

1. Appearance

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When purchasing car refrigerators, be sure to choose products from regular manufacturers with fashionable designs, sophisticated materials, and high ease of use. It is recommended that everyone pay attention to the feel of the refrigerator sealing strip-high-quality sealing strip has the characteristics of high flatness and high toughness, which is an important appearance feature to ensure the refrigeration and refrigeration performance of car refrigerator. If sealed The quality of the bar is poor, so no matter how good the other aspects are, it is no good.

2, volume

The volume of the car refrigerator can be large or small. It is recommended that you choose according to your actual needs. Generally, a small-volume refrigerator is more suitable to be placed between two front seats, and a large-volume car refrigerator is more suitable to be placed in the trunk. I need to remind everyone here: The car refrigerator placed between the front seats must choose a product with a flip-up door, otherwise it may be embarrassing that it cannot be installed or cannot be opened after installation.

3. Function

Car refrigerators can be roughly divided into two types: single cooling and heating and cooling according to their functions. Among them, the single-cold compressor type car refrigerator is specially developed for refrigerating and even temporarily freezing food in summer, which has the characteristics of strong refrigeration and low power consumption; while the cooling and heating type car refrigerator > It has both cooling and heating functions, which can be used in winter and summer, but the cooling capacity of the heating and cooling type car refrigerator is better than that of the single-cold compressor type car refrigerator >A lot inferior (usually only low temperature storage effect). It is recommended that you choose according to your actual needs.

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