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(19) State Intellectual Property Office of the People‚Äôs Republic of China (12) Invention Patent Application (10) Application Publication Number CN103712396A (43) Application Publication Date 2014.04.09 (21) Application Number CN2.3 (22) Application Date 2012.09. 29 (71) Applicant Tianjin Runtongqing Technology Development Co., Ltd. Address 300384, Room 2011, Block D, No. 6, Ziyuan Road, Huayuan Industrial Zone, High-tech Zone, Binhai New District, Tianjin (72) Inventor Liu Minnan (74) Patent agency Tianjin Binhai Sun Chunling (51) Int.CI, the agent of Kewei Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. (51) Int.CI, Claim Description Sheet (54) Title of Invention Portable Refrigerator (57) Abstract The present invention provides a portable refrigerator, including a cabinet and a refrigerating device. The refrigeration device is arranged on the side wall of the box body portable refrigerator, and the box body is provided with a portable handle and a zipper sealing strip. The beneficial effects of the present invention are simple structure, small weight, good heat preservation performance, low noise, no refrigerant, green environmental protection, good shock resistance and more convenient carrying. Legal Status Legal Status Announcement Date Legal Status Information Legal Status Legal Status Announcement Date 2014-04-09 2016-05-18 Legal Status Information Disclosure After the publication of an invention patent application is deemed to be withdrawn Claim Description The claim description of the portable refrigerator is…Please check the manual after downloading The manual content of the portable refrigerator is…Please check after downloading

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