From luxury car equipment to luxury car essentials, what has the car refrigerator experienced in the past few years?

According to authoritative data from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of September 2018, the number of vehicles in mainland China reached 235 million, accounting for 72.91% of the total number of vehicles. In addition, with the steady growth of the domestic economy, the consumption upgrade trend of the automobile industry is obvious, and the people’s increasing pursuit of a better life will continue to promote the rapid growth of the domestic luxury car market car refrigerators. This market temptation, but also Indirectly promoted the automotive peripheral industries, such as car refrigerators, car brackets, and child safety seats.


Under the consumption upgrade, car refrigerator how car travel evolves to car life

In the context of consumption upgrades, people’s travel quality and quality of life are quietly changing. With the close connection between the car and the lives of Chinese people, its role has evolved from a simple means of transportation to a car lifestyle , Carrying a carrier of “love and sharing”, and car refrigerator is a concentrated refinement of “love and sharing”. At present, China’s high-end car refrigerator users are mainly distributed in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. The mainstream consumers are concentrated in the 25-45 years old range, and the models used by car owners are mainly German and American For mid-to-high-end brands such as, Japanese and other high-end brands, in addition to some luxury models that are originally equipped with car refrigerators, the installation of car refrigerators by third parties mainly focuses on the price of 300,000 to 400,000 The above mid-to-high-end models.


The usage scenarios of car refrigerators have been continuously improved with people’s idealization of car life. Last August, Ms. Li, who worked in a foreign company, gave birth to a baby. In her confinement, she rushed to work, but she needed to store her breast milk every day and take it home from work to her children. Her brother-in-law gave Ms. Li’s Mini Cooper a car refrigerator, so she You can store breast milk in the car refrigerator every day to ensure the freshness of breast milk, which is also responsible for the healthy growth of the child. In fact, the application scenarios of car refrigerator are not limited to this, from basic fresh food to alcohol, and even medicine car refrigerator, high-end cosmetics, breast milk storage, are often used by car owners Direction, and the application scenarios are mainly in business reception, self-driving travel, family sharing, etc.;

Luxury cars are indispensable for Indel Car refrigerator

With the dual drive of the above-mentioned “car life” and “consumption upgrade”, domestic mid-to-high-end car owners’ demand for car refrigerators has changed from onlookers to personal use, thus completing a high-quality life identity Promotion. There are also many car refrigerators brands that can be seen on the domestic market, such as Meigu, Ikai, Puronta, Indell and many other car refrigerators brands, and the cooling mode is also There are multiple options for compressor refrigeration, semiconductor refrigeration, and suction refrigeration. Why Indell’s car refrigerator can break through, lead the high-end car refrigerator market, and become a high-end car owner Preferred?


The comprehensive hard-core strength of brand, product, technology, research and development, etc., is the key to Yingdeer’s victory. Indell, which originated from Europe, has been cultivating the high-end car refrigerator market for fifty years. As the first-tier suppliers of many top international car brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, their brand potential cannot be shaken by a competitive product; Technology is a hard core competitiveness for car refrigerator. Indell’s car refrigerator can be said to have developed the technology to the extreme, using the latest German compressor refrigeration method, in a short time The temperature can be lowered to -18°, dual temperature and dual control, which may be unmatched by many ordinary household refrigerators;

In addition, many car owners will consider whether a car refrigerator takes up too much space in their car and whether it affects the original appearance of the interior. Take the Inder T28 as an example. Incorporating a sense of high-end simplicity, the fuselage is made of international matte white, which is full of technological and futuristic sense. Whether it is placed in the trunk or the back seat, it will be like a functional accessory in the car, which cannot but attract the attention of passengers in the car. In addition, the innovative addition of telescopic rods realizes the scene of mobile refrigerators and truly realizes high-quality mobile life; safety performance and easy installation are also features that INDER considers for consumers, and the collection of these features not only allows luxury car owners to choose With Indel’s car refrigerator, it has chosen a high-end quality of life.


High-quality life is a process that needs to be pursued continuously. Understanding of red wine and cigars, exquisiteness of fresh ingredients, and even abiding by lifestyle, etc., are all continuous pursuits in the process of pursuing high-quality life. Advanced, and in this advanced process, as the leading refrigerator of high-end car refrigerator, Indell, is leading mid-to-high-end consumers into the era of high-quality “car life”.

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