Where can I buy a car refrigerator? What is good?

Summer has come quietly, and many people have changed into heavy down jackets, and slowly start to feel hot. Especially for those with a car, the temperature inside the car can rise to forty to fifty degrees after parking for half a day, which is very stuffy. At this time, many people paid attention to the car refrigerator.


The picture above is Indel Car refrigerator

This car product is really easy to use for car owners, especially in hot weather, the role of the refrigerator is too great. But many people have not used it before, so I want to know where to buy car refrigerator? What kind of car refrigerator is better to buy?

1. Physical store

Car refrigerator is a car electrical product, just like a household refrigerator. There are counters in some 4s stores or physical stores specializing in car products.


You can go to the local 4S store to inquire, or go to the site to experience the car refrigerator. You can also go to outdoor clubs, such as Fun Wild, where Indel’s latest car refrigerator is displayed.

2. E-commerce platform

Online shopping has almost become an indispensable element in people’s lives, so when you buy car refrigerator, you can also find car refrigerator on the e-commerce platform, such as Tmall, JD, Suning, etc.

There are many types of car refrigerators on the e-commerce platform. The disadvantage is that they can’t actually experience them. You can only purchase them by referring to the parameters of the refrigerator. Car refrigerators are divided into two types, one is electronic semiconductor refrigeration, and the other is compressor refrigeration.

In terms of performance, compressor refrigeration is better; in terms of price, electronic semiconductor refrigeration has greater advantages.

3. Compressor refrigerationCar refrigerator

The refrigeration speed is fast, the effect is good, the volume is large, and the use is convenient; the minimum refrigeration is -18℃, which can meet the temperature conditions required for most food storage.


The picture above is the Indel compressorCar refrigerator

But the weight is large, the price is high, the compressor runs with sound (about 45db), and the energy consumption is high (about 50W)

4. Electronic semiconductor car cooling and heating box

It can be cooled or heated (with 30 minutes interval), low power consumption, simple structure, low noise and no vibration.


However, the cooling effect is poor (minimum refrigeration 5℃car refrigerator, maximum heating 55℃), small space volume, long cooling and heating time, and easy failure.

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