What are the pain points of car refrigerators?

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Before answering this question, let’s first understand what kind of car product car refrigerator is, and what role it plays for car owners and self-driving people. At present, in the category of car refrigerators, there are and only two types of car refrigerators: compressor refrigeration and electronic semiconductor refrigeration. The difference between the two cooling methods directly determines its mobile freshness preservation performance and the effect of storing food items. Below are the different car refrigerators refrigeration principle and performance description. The refrigeration principle of the Wrangler compressor car refrigerator: the compressor works after power on, sucks in the low-pressure, low-temperature gaseous refrigerant that has absorbed heat in the evaporator, and after compression, the temperature is 55℃~58℃ , High-pressure, high-temperature steam with a pressure of 112 ~ 8 Pa enters the condenser. Due to the throttling of the capillary tube, the pressure drops sharply. Because the pressure in the evaporator is lower than that of the condenser, the liquid refrigerant immediately boils and evaporates, and the heat in the absorption box becomes a low-pressure, low-temperature vapor. It is sucked by the compressor again. In this way, the heat inside the refrigerator is continuously transferred to the outside of the box. Refrigeration steps: compressor (compression) — condenser (heat dissipation) — capillary (throttling) — evaporator (cooling) Wrangler compressor car refrigerator The cooling temperature range is usually -18°C to 10°C, under the premise of the voltage of the car’s cigarette lighter (car refrigerator power supply), car refrigerator, this cooling temperature range is enough to compare with household refrigerators, basically Storage includes seafood (-18°C), ice cream (-6°C), fruit juice drinks (5-10°C), and other food and beverages. Wrangler electronic semiconductor car refrigerator refrigeration principle: electronic semiconductor car refrigerator is a PN junction composed of special semiconductor materials to form a thermocouple pair, and a small semiconductor chip uses a par The Eltier principle, in a circuit composed of two different conductors, when a DC circuit passes through, it releases heat at the metal sheet joint of the node, and realizes the ultimate goal of cooling and heating through different current flows.

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Wrangler Electronics Semiconductor Car refrigerator The cooling/heating temperature range is 5℃ to 60℃, and the cooling temperature can only be lower than the current ambient temperature by 20℃; that is, if the ambient temperature is 20 ℃, the minimum cooling is 5℃; if the ambient temperature is 30℃, the minimum cooling is 10℃. However, the biggest advantage of the semiconductor refrigerator is that in addition to cooling, the inside of the refrigerator can also be heated. The heating function is aimed at winter and other usage scenarios-it is used when food needs to be heated, and the maximum temperature can reach 60°C. So what kind of car is car refrigerator? There is no doubt that the performance of any car refrigerator is higher than the cooling efficiency of a can of beverages hung on the “air conditioning outlet”-the compressor car refrigerator can cool to -18℃, which is the biggest advantage of this car product; secondly, the capacity of car refrigerator is larger; according to our statistics, the best sales volume of car refrigerator is 12L and 20L , Such a large capacity can hold 18-30 cans of 330ml canned drinks. The Wrangler is again a power consumption problem. Compared with the power of car air conditioners (3-5 kW, almost 3 times that of household air conditioners), even the power consumption of the so-called high-energy compressor car refrigerator is only in 30-80 watts of power. Finally, there is the problem of space occupation. The car air conditioner is usually built-in in the car, and the pipes for conveying the cold air are well hidden in the car, which will not obviously occupy the riding space. However, the rear-mounted car refrigerator will take up a certain amount of space in the car, and usually the car owner will choose to put it in the trunk. What does the Wrangler car refrigerator mean to car owners? Mobile preservation.

The term “mobile preservation” is actually very fresh; it’s easier to understand another word—convenient. From the previous PC desktop computers, to later laptops, to tablets, and finally to smart phones, so far, almost all of our operations involving the network can be completed by mobile phones (referring to users)… In fact, it is also “convenient” These two words, mobile preservation is the same. Before the car refrigerator, people would never realize that “I can put my ice cream and facial mask in the car and take them away.” Including insulin car refrigerator, some medicines and skin care products have higher requirements for the temperature of the storage environment, and they can be placed in the refrigerator at home. Then, you can put it in the refrigerator in the car when you go out. In addition, most married female friends will run into a problem: how to preserve breast milk when the child is breastfeeding? Wrangler Wrangler Car refrigerator because of its convenient and lightweight features, it can be easily moved indoors from the car; and can be connected to AC power through a power adapter, so that it can be used normally indoors. Therefore, for working mothers, car refrigerator means a mobile fresh-keeping tool. The storage conditions of breast milk can be taken with them, and there is no need to affect the office refrigerator’s “unhygienic” or other reasons. Prepare breast milk for your child. So, what role does car refrigerator play in off-road/self-driving? Our understanding of cross-country is complex road conditions, such as mountains, depressions, gullies, deserts, etc.; in this kind of road environment, it is impossible to have convenience stores around, and cross-country people’s food, water and necessary Medicines, etc., need a car refrigerator that can resist shock and shake (to avoid damage during driving).

The part of Wrangler’s self-driving is relatively simple. The common self-driving is usually commuting to and from get off work; then the short- and medium-distance travel, which is the largest proportion, and the common self-driving tours around cities; the last is long-distance self-driving Known logistics drivers, travel on holidays, etc. can all belong to this one. As far as self-driving is concerned, the car refrigerator plays a dispensable role in short- and medium-distance trips. In addition to insulin or seafood and meat, many things do not need to be specially refrigerated, generally in the car There is no problem with direct placement. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if the supermarket purchases a large amount of food ingredients, or carries some items that require low-temperature storage, you need to use the car refrigerator to complete the preservation. In long-distance self-driving, the car refrigerator plays a just-needed role, equivalent to the superintendent of grain and grass; a long-distance trip takes less than five or six hours, while logistics and transportation run for days and nights. It is also common. This requires a refrigerator to store a lot of food and water, including some medicines, in case of emergency. This is why almost all trucks are equipped with a car refrigerator. After the Wrangler understands this, the next question is, what are the pain points of the car refrigerator? Our ordinary consumers usually come into contact with the rear-mounted car refrigerator, and the potential user groups who install the car refrigerator have almost the same label: have a car, love life, Love self-driving. Therefore, the purpose of the after-installation of the car refrigerator is actually to enable some people who love self-driving and pursue the quality of life to have a better experience in the process of self-driving. After all, self-driving tours can also chew dry food.

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The people who just need the car refrigerator are more focused on how to make the refrigerator larger and better store more food and beverages… So, when it comes to car refrigerator Strong>The pain point-people with a more casual lifestyle will think that this car product can even be replaced with an air-conditioning vent. For them, the car refrigerator is equivalent to a chicken rib; and they love life, People striving for a high-quality quality of life may be concerned about how to make car refrigerators fit more small surprises from food in the limited space capacity… Wrangler lives so hard, always In these casual corners of life, find something as sweet as ice cream to comfort yourself…

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