What are the characteristics of a small refrigerator?

We all know that the refrigerator is one of the indispensable electrical appliances in family life, but choosing a refrigerator that is suitable for your own use will be a headache. If the size of the refrigerator is too large, it is not only easy to move, but also consumes electricity. Also large, for such a refrigerator can only be used at home. If you want to use something more convenient, you can only choose a small refrigerator. Small refrigerators are a new generation of refrigeration equipment that can meet the demand for refrigerators in outdoor life. Compared with household refrigerators, small refrigerators have the advantages of small size and easy to carry. The only disadvantage is the small capacity. With the increase in outdoor life, small refrigerators are becoming more and more popular. Mini refrigerators are a type used indoors, outdoors, on roads or in offices. The mini hot and cold box keeps your food and drinks fresh. After turning on the refrigerator, the switch is converted to a heating system, which can heat food to 65°C. With cooling and heating functions. In addition to being used in homes and offices, it can also be used directly in cars.

1. Is the portable refrigerator easy to use?

Portable small refrigerators are electronic refrigeration equipment with temperature adjustment function. In smart mode, the temperature in the refrigerator is kept between 2~8°C. In the setting mode, the temperature inside the box can be set to any temperature between 2-25°C.

Portable small refrigerators have multiple power supply methods (household batteries, car power supplies, lithium batteries), smart settings, user-set dual temperature control systems, dual LCD displays for setting temperature and real-time temperature, and dual system Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures Can be converted at will, suitable for many occasions, is the best choice for home and business users.

2. Features

The mini hot and cold box can be used indoors, outdoors, roads or offices to keep your food and beverages cool and fresh, thereby reducing food waste. After turning on the refrigerator, the switch is converted to a heating system, which can heat food to 65°C. With cooling and heating functions. Placed in different directions, it is indeed multifunctional. The mini refrigerator can conveniently store sandwiches, fruits, cosmetics and more. Equipped with a public connection cable and a car cigarette lighter connection cable means you can keep food and drinks cool in the car. Suitable for picnics or fishing trips. Once you have our hot and cold box, you will need to put one in each room of the family. It can also show the smoothness of life and avant-garde fashion.

Using the new concept effect of space technology, a portable belt with large volume without compressor, high noise, no fluorine pollution, long life, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight, suitable for indoor and outdoor usePortable refrigerator It has dual-purpose functions for preventing cold and freezing. Thermal; PCW-07 semiconductor portable heating and cooling box series products are equipped with DC (direct current) 12, 24V and AC (alternating current) 110V-240V power sockets (and equipped with AC and DC power cords). Therefore, in addition to being used in homes and offices, the product can also be directly used in cars. The product’s heat sink has a service life of 85,000 hours, and a DC fan has a service life of 30,000 hours, and insulation and heat preservation ensure the product’s service life; powerful cooling capacity: cooling: the lowest temperature can reach 5°C, which is 20 lower than the ambient temperature -25°C. Heating capacity: set by thermostat, up to 65°C.

3. Purpose

(1) The small hot and cold box is an ideal choice for your office “small freezer”. Portable refrigerator on your desk, meeting room, reception desk, etc., it can provide any professional with fresh food and drinks at any time.

(2) Family or single dormitory: When you are watching TV sports programs or your favorite daily comedies in the room, in the evening party, the night drinks in the bedroom are connected with 220 volt universal standard wires , You can put the mini hot and cold box into it. Any corner of the room.

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