How to install the car refrigerator? Installation location map of car refrigerator

Especially in summer, ice cream is really a quick way to relieve the heat, but what should I do if I want to eat ice cream in the car? It is better to install a car refrigerator in the car. Speaking of installing car refrigerator, there are generally five types of installation positions, which are installed in the middle of the front seat as an armrest box, installed in the middle of the rear seat as an armrest box, installed in the rear trunk of the car, Built-in installation in the rear of the car, directly placed on the seat or under the seat without installation.


How to install the car refrigerator?

1. The installation method of installing in the middle of the front seat of the car as an armrest box: this kind of installation generally needs to be installed in the car modification shop, and some car manufacturers can directly provide a customized version of the car refrigerator.Car refrigerator There are fewer brands of car refrigerators installed in the front row of cars. Among them, Puronet’s car refrigerator PDC-16, the installation effect diagram is as follows:

2. Install in the middle of the rear seat of the car as an armrest box installation method: first fix the car refrigerator in the middle of the rear seat, and choose a car refrigerator with a seat belt fixing groove design It’s easier to fix. A seat belt can be easily fixed or removed by passing it through, which is far better than the ordinary car refrigerator that needs to be fastened. The installation rendering is as follows (PN-09):

3. How to install in the trunk of a car: first check whether the trunk of the car has a power jack, and confirm whether the power supply is 12V or 24V (car refrigerator some only support 12V power supply , There is also support for 12V/24V blind plug). If the rear trunk of the car has a power jack, just put the car refrigerator in the rear trunk and connect the power cord to the jack. In addition, some car refrigerators manufacturers provide a car refrigerator fixed base, which can also fix the car refrigerator in the tail box. If the car’s rear trunk does not have a power jack, you can choose to install a power jack or directly connect the power cord from under the car seat to the cigarette lighter (when buying a car refrigerator, it’s best to measure the trunk to the point For the length of the cigarette holder, please see if the length of the power cord attached to the car refrigerator is enough to determine whether you need to purchase an extension cord).

Car refrigerator Installation: Installation tips


When buying a car refrigerator, you must first test the machine, and then observe whether the car refrigerator can have frost on the bottom of the fuselage, if any, it proves that the temperature can reach below 0°C. This is a car refrigerator that can be cooled. Whether it’s a car refrigerator or a heating and cooling box, consider whether the color and style of the car refrigerator are compatible with the interior decoration of the car. The installation of car refrigerator also pays attention to, generally car refrigerator is installed between the seat of the main driver and the co-pilot. At this time, you must choose a flip-up doorcar Refrigerator, the door of the three-dimensional car refrigerator cannot be installed.

The car refrigerator usually installed between the main driver and the passenger seat is about 3.5-4 liters. It can hold 5 cans or 4 bottles of 500mL mineral water, if you need a larger one Car refrigerator, can be placed in the trunk of the car, the volume can reach up to 60 liters.

The heating difference between car refrigerator and car heating and cooling box is not big, the highest temperature can reach 65℃car refrigerator can not only keep warm, but also hot coffee and tea As well as boxed lunches, snacks, etc. But at the same time, please note that the heating speed of the car refrigerator may be fast or slow. Keep your eyes open when you test the machine. It is recommended to buy the car refrigerator from a regular manufacturer. Car refrigerators generally have detailed parameter descriptions, and Car refrigerators parameter descriptions are also very accurate. You can buy them after reading the parameters, and Car refrigerators from regular manufacturers Refrigerators are generally very stable in quality.

Car refrigerator is very low power consumption. When the car is started, the car refrigerator uses electricity from the generator, and when the car is parked, the car refrigerator transfers the electricity consumption to the battery. Since the generator on the car has a very large energy, all the electrical appliances on the car can’t be used up. The car refrigerator is the trick, and the car refrigerator itself consumes The battery is not large, so there is basically no need to worry about power outage.

Some car refrigerators are designed reasonably. Once the battery is insufficient, it will automatically cut off the power supply, which can ensure that the battery has sufficient energy to start the machine. It is recommended that users buy a car refrigerator that can automatically power off.

Okay. Car refrigerator I’ve finished talking about how to install the car refrigerator. In the hot summer days, all car owners may wish to try to install it by themselves. Isn’t it possible to drink cold drinks at any time when traveling? .

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