Development history of car refrigerators What is the market size of car refrigerators?

Car refrigerator refers to a refrigerator that can be carried in a car. In recent years, the car refrigerator is a new generation of refrigeration and refrigeration appliances gradually popular in the international market. There are two main types of car refrigerators in the market, one is semiconductor car refrigerators, which are cooled by electronic chips; the other is compressorscar refrigerators The compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, the refrigeration temperature is low, -18 degrees 10 degrees. The refrigeration efficiency is high, it can make ice and keep fresh, and the volume is large.

Car refrigerators developed earlier in foreign countries, since the first car refrigerator was invented by Indal in the United States in 1967. Car refrigerators , With the rapid development of the automobile industry abroad, it has rapidly entered a period of rapid development. Unlike our country, the development of the car refrigerator industry is relatively late, and the car refrigerator only began to appear in 2000. strong>, In 2005, the global giant of car refrigerator and inventor of car refrigerator entered the national market for development, but since 2000, China’s car refrigerator The industry is not the same as other domestic industries. The development of China’s car refrigerator industry has been at a stable stage. The main reason for the development environment of the car refrigerator industry in China is car refrigerator, mainly because the pre-car penetration rate in China is not high, and the consumption level of residents is not high. For car refrigerator strong>Awareness and purchasing power are not high, which allowed China’s car refrigerator industry to develop into 2017, and the achievements are relatively limited. Data show that in 2017, China’s car refrigerator strong>The market size of the industry is less than 3 billion yuan, with annual sales of only 1.876 billion yuan, and the number of industry enterprises is 479.

But it is undeniable that my country’s car refrigerator industry has great market potential. As of 2017, the number of motor vehicles in the country exceeded 300 million for the first time, of which 200 million were cars. ; There are 360 ​​million motor vehicle drivers, of which more than 310 million are car drivers, and the number of new registered users and annual increments all reached the highest in history. Corresponding to the number of vehicles is the gradual rise of pan-outdoors and large outdoor areas in recent years. The traditional professional outdoor has begun to transform to the leisure outdoor, and family driving out has become the most fashionable lifestyle nowadays, which has further promoted the rise of the outdoor goods market. In addition, the rise of other application fields such as medical treatment has further increased the demand for car refrigerators. At present, users of high-end compressor car refrigerators are mainly distributed in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. The mainstream consumers are concentrated in the range of 25-45 years old, and the car owners use models mainly in German and American High-end vehicle brands such as the Japanese and Japanese brands are mainly used in outdoor leisure self-driving and off-road self-driving, such as business reception, medical supplies, cosmetic storage, and infant food storage.

Currently, users of high-end compressors car refrigerators are mainly distributed in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Mainstream consumers are concentrated in the range of 25-45 years old, and car owners use models mainly in Germany The main use scenarios are business reception, medical supplies, cosmetic storage, baby food storage, and other outdoor leisure self-driving and off-road self-driving.

Most of the foreign brands of car refrigerator have high value-added brands, so they mostly adopt OEM production and processing methods of independent research and development. However, because my country is still in the development stage, there are currently three development methods: independent R&D, cooperative development, outsourcing, and outsourcing have obvious advantages. The technology of car refrigerator is relatively mature. Outsourcing can reduce the time of technology development, speed up the development progress, save the cost of research and development, trial production, testing, etc., and can provide technical support, after-sales service, claims, etc. More advantages. For outsourcing, automobile manufacturers only need to mention functional requirements and reserve relevant interfaces and layout space on the entire vehicle. In the future, with the improvement of localization level, the market scale of my country’s car refrigerator is expected to further expand.

my country’s car refrigerator market is mainly concentrated in the low-end market, but with the popularity of car refrigerator, my country’s car refrigerator is expected Further gaining popularity, but there is still a certain gap between domestic brands and international brands such as Indell. With the emphasis on technology, the competitiveness of my country’s independent brands will also be further improved.

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