A simple transportation and lifting structure for livestock_Mathematics_Natural Science_Professional Information

(19) The State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (12) Utility Model Patent (10) Application Publication Number CN206142060U (43) Application Publication Date 2017.05.03 (21) Application Number CN2.6 (22) Application Date 2016.08. 31 (71) Applicant Tianjin Tengyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Address 300277 West Tianshuijing Village, Zhongtang Town, Dagang, Binhai New District, Tianjin (72) Inventor Sun Jukun; Feng Junqing; Hao Lijun (74) Patent agency Tianjin Hezhihui Intellectual Property Agency Firm (general partnership) agent Chen Song (51) Int.CI Claims Specification Sheet (54) Title of Invention A Simple Livestock Transport Lifting Structure (57) Abstract This utility model provides a simple livestock transport lifting structure , Including a transfer box and a lifting unit; the transfer box is rectangular, the upper part is connected to the outside, the upper side of the transfer box is evenly opened with vents; the bottom of the transfer box is provided with a slider; the lifting unit includes a base , An elastic damping body and a supporting plate, one end of the elastic damping body is fixedly connected to the upper end of the base, and the other end is fixedly connected to the bottom end of the supporting platesimpleTransfer chair, the support plate is provided with a track; the upper end of the base and the two flaps are connected by hinges, and the maximum length of the hinge The opening angle is 90°. The simple livestock transport lifting structure of the utility model has high strength, good stability, can withstand the violent impact of livestock, and can be adjusted according to the required heightSimple transfer chair makes the entire transfer box more convenient to move, simple in design, easy to use, suitable for small-scale breeding and worthy of promotion. Legal Status Legal Status Announcement Date 2017-05-03 Legal Status Information Authorization Legal Status Authorization Claim Description A simple livestock transfer lifting structure The claim description content is…Please download and view the manual A simple livestock transfer lifting structure The content of the manual is…. Please download and view

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