Humanized rehabilitation wheelchair design

[Abstract]: The trend of world population development is population aging, and population aging has gradually become a social problem. Among the aging population, most patients have lower limb paralysis, mainly caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or neurological diseases. Most of them have poor self-care ability and need long-term care from family members and medical staff, which causes great damage to families, communities, and governments. Burden; In addition, a large part of the disabled is due to permanent or temporary loss of organizational functions or abnormalities, which makes them unable to take care of themselves. Up to now, there are three main methods for nursing care of people who cannot take care of themselves at home and abroad: family care at home, nursing care of hospital inpatients, and nursing with existing rehabilitation nursing equipment. Home care is mainly the direct participation of family members in nursing work. Because of the low cost of home care, it is now the nursing method adopted by most family patients. However, it affects the family‚Äôs normal life and increases the burden of family care. Although inpatient care can relieve the family, most families can only stay away because of the high cost. According to survey data, most people are willing to send patients to the hospital for care when they are seriously illFamilyManual wheelchair, so the emergence of rehabilitation nursing wheelchairs is undoubtedly a way to solve nursing problems before effective treatment methods and drugs are found. It can alleviate and solve many problems such as the patient’s long-term bedridden pain and inconvenience, and at the same time greatly reduce the work intensity of the nursing staff. At the same time, most of the patients have been bedridden for a long time, causing depression and irritability, which not only affects the recovery, but also leads to family disharmony. If a rehabilitation wheelchair is designed, it has the advantages of humanization and entertainment, which will reduce the burden of family care, while regulating the mood of the patient, and promoting the patient to speed up recovery. However, due to the fact that the rehabilitation wheelchairs currently on the market have a single function, lack of humanization, and unstable performance, the price is too high to meet the needs of more patients in need. The rehabilitation wheelchair designed in this topic is mainly aimed at elderly people with chronic diseases, people with lower limbs or disabilities, and people during treatment, and solves the problems of single function and high price in the current market. According to the current technical development status of nursing and rehabilitation wheelchairs at home and abroad, the principles of ergonomics are combined with modern design methods, linear motors are used to drive various components, and coordinated movements between the components are used to realize humanized rehabilitation wheelchairs. Various postures required. The wheelchair can be transformed into a bed, automatic obstacle avoidance, electric walking, bed upright, manual/timed position adjustment, self-care of urine and urine, and other humanized functions, providing a comprehensive self-care platform for vulnerable groups who cannot take care of themselves. The design is to establish a model in ADAMS for dynamic simulation; use the finite element analysis software ANSYS to check the strength and stiffness of key components. Thereby, the design quality and related performance of the product are improved, the development cycle of the product is shortened, the cost performance of the product is improved, and it is easy to promote. Serving to solve major social problems caused by the aging of the population.

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