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3. The bright hall in front of the desk should be spacious

There should be as much space as possible in front of the desk, and the facing hall should be wide. Some people think that the general study room is not very spacious. How can there be a Mingtang? In fact, with the doorway as the direction, the outside can become a bright hall, so that the future is broad, easy to enter the game, the user’s mind is agile, wide and unobstructed, and can become a big weapon; in addition, you can also choose to sit facing the window and use the wide space outside the window. For Mingtang, you can not only enjoy the external landscape for eye-catching, but also receive better effects. Aquatic plants such as rich bamboos can be placed in front of the desk in the study. The number of branches is preferably three, five, or seven branches to achieve a vibrant and pleasing effect to inspire wisdom.

4. The study room should be located in a quiet place

The study should choose a quiet place. The study is a place to cultivate sentiments. In order to create a space for quiet reading and study, the study should be as far away from the living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom as possible. It is best to choose a quieter room as the study. A quiet environment can enhance learning efficiency and enable people to maintain a clear mind.

5. The study room should be an independent space

If you have a separate study room in your home, that is ideal. If the living room area is large enough, it is best to open up a separate space as a study, and separate the study from other spaces so as not to affect each other. When the independent study is arranged, it should fully reflect the personality and connotation of the owner.

6. There should be a backrest behind the desk seat

The desk seat should have a backrest and a wall behind the back, which is safe and not easy to be disturbed by the back. Because the human ear can listen to all directions, but only see the six directions, there is a backing behind it, that is, Wei has a backing. Anyone who can succeed in getting ahead must have no backing except for his own efforts, wisdom, and opportunities. If you have a backing, you can get help and favor from the nobles when you study, take an exam, and interact with others, and the working people can be appreciated and supported by superiors. In addition to the clerical office workers in ancient times, in addition to paying attention to the backing, in order to avoid all day-long hard work and get nothing, the back of the seat was inlaid with natural mountain-shaped marble as the backing to enhance the effect of relying on. Day: “Leshan”. Therefore, the seat back of the desk should be based on the void such as not by the window or the door. In addition to the exquisite feng shui, it is also due to the fact that people behind the desk are walking around and sitting unsteadily, making it difficult to concentrate.

7. The study should be located in the east, southeast, etc.

The study room is located in the east to form a more lively atmosphere. If the owner is a writer, it is most suitable for topics related to youth or more dynamic manuscripts. The southeast can make people concentrate their minds, the efficiency of reading work is high, the knowledge is rich, and they can apply what they have learned to give full play to their intelligence. If there is too much sunlight in this position, trees can be used to block the view to make the field of view narrower, and it will be more stable. Otherwise, the field of view is too broad, and it is not suitable to see the mountains when the door is opened. The northwest is the most suitable study room, because the short time of sunlight can make people feel stable and clear mind, and let the owners gain the luck of fame and status. The north is also a favorable location for setting up a study room, which is suitable for reading books with a certain depth, philosophy and human nature. But because this position is too closed, luck will be isolated. The indoor color is best to choose a light warm color to be reconciled.

8. Study chair should choose swivel chair or rattan chair

When studying and working at the desk, I often find some related books from the bookcase. At this time, a swivel chair with wheels or a movable light rattan chair can save you a lot of time and bring you a lot of convenience . A swivel chair based on ergonomics can effectively support the back curve and should be the first choice.

9. The desk should be kept tidy and clean

The desk should be kept tidy and clean. Keep the desk clean after each study or work, keep the desk neat and clean, and place the stationery in order. This is conducive to the next study and work, is conducive to the brain, machines and thinking remain flexible and clear, reflecting a person’s well-organized style and good taste.

10. The items on the desk should be in harmony with the five elements

The office feng shui in the home has a great relationship with the desk top. If the items on the table are correctly arranged and the five elements are intertwined, it will produce strong creativity, and if the items are arranged incorrectly, it will make the work difficult. For a square office desk, when it takes the basic west-to-east orientation, the upper eight directions have formed a gossip shape, so the following arrangement will help to take care of all aspects of family business. East: Money; Southeast: Telephone; West: Seal; Southwest: Desk Calendar; South: Lamp; Northeast: Notes; North: Plants; Northwest: Pen and Ink.

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11. Pay attention to the balance of the five elements when using a computer

People who avoid fire in the five elements should stay away from fire-related objects, but modern life inevitably uses fire-related computers.

The solution is to place water-related objects near the computer, such as a glass of water, a crystal, and a fish tank. The energy of the water weakens the fire and maintains the balance of water and fire. The colors and pictures of the computer desktop can also be set according to the five elements. People who often use computers will get too angry, and they can set up their computer desktops according to their five elements. For those who need water in the five elements, try to set the desktop as a picture and color of water; for those who need fire, try to set the desktop as a picture and color of fire; for those who need wood, try to set the desktop as a picture and color of trees. Color: Those who need soil in the Five Elements should set the desktop as a desert picture and color as much as possible; those who need gold in the Five Elements should set the desktop as a picture and color of snow mountains or metal as much as possible. Related reading: The influence of computers on Feng Shui

12. The chair should be of suitable height and flexible

The seat surface of the chair should be at a suitable height, so that the knees are slightly bent and the feet are placed on the floor naturally and comfortably. At the same time, when using the keyboard, keep your hands, wrists and small arms at the same height. The chair should also have a certain degree of flexibility, and its height and steering can be adjusted within a certain range according to our needs, so that the body can not only lean forward to pick and place items on the table, but also let the body stretch and relax freely.

13. Ventilation fans should be installed in the study rooms with computers

The computer screen can produce a carcinogen called brominated dibenzofuran. Therefore, it is best to install a ventilation fan in the room where the computer is placed. If not, pay special attention to ventilation when surfing the Internet.

14. The design of the bookcase should be reasonable

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<p style=The study room should give people a simple feeling, so that it is conducive to quiet reading and learning. The choice of materials for the bookcase is preferably wood, preferably an open dark cabinet. Bookcases are the main storage space of the study. The design should be flexible. In addition to the cabinets for effectively placing books, some closets with doors should also be designed to increase the space for books and store other items. But avoid being decorated too gorgeously, otherwise it will give people a sense of impetuosity, which is not conducive to study and work.

15. The bookcase should be suitable for the owner’s occupation and preferences

The layout of the bookcase is mainly determined by the owner’s occupation and preferences. For example, in a musician’s study room, audio equipment and playing instruments should occupy the best position. The characteristics of records, tapes, and sheet music in the bookcase are also different from ordinary books. Special care should be taken. The writer’s collection of books is large, and the bookcase It often occupies the entire wall and looks dignified and grand. Technologists have some special deficiencies. When arranging the study, they must first properly arrange patterns, small tool racks, and simple experimental equipment. If the number of frequently used books is not much, you can buy a square multi-layer movable bookcase with rollers, and move freely in the room as needed. Use boxes for books that are not frequently used and put them in an inconspicuous place.

16. The air conditioner should be placed in the north of the study room

The five elements of the air conditioner are metal. When the air conditioner is turned on, it can create a great Feng Shui effect and form a Feng Shui magnetic field. The air conditioner makes people cool, so it has the function of concentrating thinking and improving the concentration of reading. If the air conditioner is placed in the north of the study, the good luck of Wenchang will be driven by the energy generated by the air conditioner, which makes people think calmly and improve learning efficiency. , Especially beneficial to those who are about to take the exam.

17. The position of the bookcase should be arranged according to the desk

The desk should be yang simpleTransfer chair, while the bookcase where books are placed is quiet and cloudy. The ancients emphasized the balance between yin and yangsimple transfer chair, and believed that yin and yang are the laws of the universe. Everything can be separated from yin and yang. In order to balance the yin and yang, the bookcase and the desk should be placed in the corresponding position, with a distance between the two. The position of the bookcase should avoid direct sunlight, which not only maintains its feminine attribute, but also facilitates the collection and preservation of books. The books inside the bookcase should be arranged neatly, try not to be too full, leave some space, and keep the airflow inside the bookcase unblocked.

18. Books should be classified and stored

Simple transfer chair_Can it really be transferred with transfer beads_Simple folding mahjong table There are chairs

The study room, as the name suggests, is a room for books and reading. There are so many kinds of books, and they are divided into frequently read, infrequently read, and collections, so books should be classified and stored. For example, separate storage areas such as writing area, reference area, storage area, etc., which not only keeps the study in order, but also improves work efficiency.

19. The spacious study room should be equipped with fitness equipment

If the study room is spacious, women can purchase some fitness equipment to combine work and rest, which is more conducive to health. Men can be equipped with masculine fitness equipment such as sandbags and dart boards. Exercising while reading is a life enjoyment.

20. The study room should be ventilated smoothly

Reading for a long time requires a good clear mind. Fresh air is very important. Therefore, the study should choose a well-ventilated room, and open the door, open the window, and ventilate frequently. The flowing air is also conducive to the preservation of books. If the ventilation is not good, it will not be conducive to the heat dissipation of the office equipment such as computers and printers in the room. The heat and radiation generated by these office equipment will pollute the indoor air, and stay in a room with radiation and poor air quality for a long time. Work and study are extremely detrimental to health.

21. Good luck paintings should be hung in the study room

Hanging good luck paintings in the Wenchang area of ​​the residence can help open up wisdom and gain fame. Lucky lucky paintings can help children who go to school at home to increase their self-confidence when they are studying, and allow those who want to be promoted or seeking officialdom to strengthen their official career. If you want to turn on wisdom, you can use the “smart and smart map” and “Quixing kicking map”; if you want to take the high school exam, you can use the “three yuan and the first map”, “the champion and the third map”, “the three yuan map in the middle”, “one one “Famous map”, “Successful sailing map”; when you want to open official or career career, you can use “Official residence first-class map”, “Grant promotion map”, “Level promotion three-level map”, “Official upper rank plus official map” , “Lingding Brilliant Picture”, “Jieshu Red Apricot Picture”, “Qingyun Delu” and so on.

22. The study room temperature should be appropriate

Simple transfer chair_Can it really be transferred with transfer beads_Simple folding mahjong table There are chairs

If the study room is equipped with computers, printers, scanners, etc., it will greatly increase the indoor temperature. Air conditioning should be installed to adjust the indoor temperature. It should also be noted that these devices should not be placed under the vent of the air conditioner, nor should they be placed next to windows and heaters exposed to direct sunlight. From another perspective, maintaining a suitable study room temperature will also make people feel comfortable, thereby improving study and work efficiency.

23. The study should be ventilated to avoid bad air

When using windows for ventilation, you should pay attention to whether there is evil spirit outside the window. If there is evil spirit, draw the curtains at any time. If there is a loud noise outside the window, such as continuous and loud screaming from a store downstairs, or a sharp car horn from the road, it is best to close the window and use air conditioning for ventilation.

24. The decoration lines of the study should be simple and clear

The decoration lines of the study should be simple and clear, and should not have too many arcs. It is best not to use chandeliers and avoid excessive decoration of the ceiling, otherwise it will give people a sense of confusion. The decorative lines of the bookcase should not be too thick, otherwise it will lose its “elegance”.

25. Calligraphy and painting should be hung in the study room

Hanging calligraphy and painting in the study has the decorative effect of complementing the wall. The content and category of calligraphy and painting should be selected according to the owner’s cultural accomplishment and taste. Chinese paintings, decorative paintings, calligraphy, oil paintings, woodcuts, heavy-color and polished lacquer paintings can all be used to decorate walls, but they should be coordinated with the furniture configuration.

Calligraphy and painting can not only show the cultural taste of the owner, but also render the atmosphere of the room, cultivate temperament, and delight the body and mind. If it is a landscape work, it should echo with the indoor bonsai and create an interesting contrast. The calligraphy and painting are hung above the spotlight, which can be refreshed by the light. Putting an evergreen on one side of the calligraphy and painting can make the style of the calligraphy and painting more elegant.

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