Transportation of critically ill children in Xinhua District and dispatching vehicles for 24 hours

Transportation of critically ill children in Xinhua District, 24 hours delivery c0mb

The ambulance center is equipped with high, medium and low grade ambulances, including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford and Jinbei and other models. The on-board intensive care equipment is fully equipped and specializes in long-distance escorts for critically ill and unable to take care of patients.

Specially responsible for transporting the injured and sick in Shijiazhuang, seeking medical treatment and returning home from various provinces and cities, and other ambulance services.

Undertake the risk of long-distance transport of patients for you;

Arrange for your patients and their families to return to their original place of residence;

Provide you with hotel accommodation during the recuperation period;

Provide you with expert consultation and various arrangements.


I hope everyone can get out of these misunderstandings and learn the correct methods! When cooking toothpaste, oil splashed on cooking, or touching a hot pan with your hands, it hurts people to stom their feet. Many people rushed to apply some toothpaste, and some people applied soybean paste and soy sauce. The correct method is to rinse immediately with cold water. High temperature can damage the skin and reduce the risk of infection; wrap it with gauze to keep it clean and dry. If blisters form on the wound, do not puncture it at will, and seek medical attention immediately if it is serious. When hemostasis, he accidentally cuts his hand when he tyes the misunderstanding and cooks, and the blood flows. The correct method is to let the injured sit or lie down to raise the injured area; clean the contaminated wound with clean water, stop bleeding when the speed is fast; cover the wound with a clean, breathable, non-adhesive, and absorbent dressing. Hand ~ minutes (in an emergency, you can directly stop the bleeding with your hands). If the blood gauze is not removed, you should add a dressing; after stopping the bleeding, wrap the wound with a bandage or cloth. Most people will use gauze or band-aids to hold it tightly.

In order to avoid spitting milk into the throat and trachea; if the baby is choking with milk (emptiness in the stomach) when the baby swallows too quickly at the beginning of feeding, he should be prone on the rescuer’s leg and the upper body should be tilted forward to help the trachea Emptied her milk. , Removal of oropharyngeal foreign bodies. If the mother has an automatic breast pump, start it immediately and use only its hose to suck out the overflowing milk and vomit from the baby’s mouth and pharynx; without a suction device, the mother can wrap the baby’s mouth with gauze until In the pharynx, suck out the overflowing milk to avoid the trachea of ​​the milk that is spit out again when the baby inhales. What is the first aid method for the heart: Everyone must know that the heart is very dangerous. Once a heart attack occurs, it may bring serious consequences if it is not handled properly. The heart is a kind of circulatory system, and it can happen suddenly. If there is a sudden attack, first aid is needed. What are the first-aid methods for the heart? What are the first-aid methods for the heart? If you want to protect your life, you must learn these methods!. First, beat the left inner side of the chest with your fist rhythmically.

Common sense of first aid that needs to be used. Next, the escort will introduce you to several kinds of outdoor bruises related first-aid knowledge, I hope it will be helpful to everyone! Bruises, collisions, there is a risk of fracture or breathing difficulties, you must hurry to the hospital!, cold compress treatment. , Let the patient lie quietly against the thick quilt, the painful side facing down. For waist bruises, use a wide cloth strip (bath towel or wiper strip) or elastic bandage to wrap and fix the waist so that the injured part will not move. , Use cold compresses to stop the inside and calm down the patient. , If you have foot symptoms, go to the hospital as soon as possible. If the head is hit, you may not worry too much if you collide with someone else or hit the head by falling down and hitting your head, but if you have a high fever, vomiting, or effusion (cerebrospinal fluid). Get to the hospital as soon as possible! In addition to the swollen area, other areas of the head should also be cold. However, it should not be treated like this when there is a wound, so as not to promote reproduction. , If the fluid from the ear, nose or mouth (, cerebral effusion.


Use a quilt, etc. to block and keep watering. At the same time, cover the mouth and nose with a folded wet towel.PatientTransfer chair, the wet towel can not be found for a while, and it can be replaced by other cotton fabrics. The smoke removal rate is %~, and %~% can be filtered out. Harmful gases can basically be divided into three categories: suffocating or sexual components. A sexual component to the senses or respiratory organs. Other unusually harmful ingredients. In addition, in heavy smoke, you should walk on the edge of the room and stairs. You should lower your head and be close to the ground (there is always about a centimeter of air above the floor). You can also crawl on the ground to avoid the smoke and try to leave. Fire field to avoid smoke above the air. , Display the distress letter as soon as possible. When a fire occurs, the call is often difficult to be found. You can use bamboo poles to support bright clothes and shake them continuously. Red, white, and white are also acceptable, or electricity or keep throwing soft objects such as clothes that are not easy to hurt people out of the window, or knock Hit basins, pots, bowls, etc. , Do not delay escape due to greed for money when a fire occurs. Often make staff. If you understand.

What is the cause of the behavior of not giving way to ambulances: Road traffic safety laws and regulations clearly stipulate that when ambulances perform emergency tasks, they can use sirens and sign lamps; under the premise of ensuring safety, they are not subject to driving routes , Driving direction, driving speed and signal lights restrictions, other vehicles and pedestrians should give way. The summary of the reasons for not giving way to ambulances cannot be ignored. First of all, what needs our attention is undoubtedly the lack of civic morality. With the rapid development of society today, China, science, technology, economy, etc. are all accelerating progress. However, as the foundation of the country, the moral issue of the foundation of governing the country is on the verge of breaking the bank, and civil society’s morality is increasingly becoming social And focus issues. Moral power is an important part of building a society. Whether a nation can stand on for a long time and whether a nation can stand upright is inseparable from the height of civic morality. In the face of ambulance refusal, there is no doubt that citizens still have a good understanding of social morality.


Ambulance rental, regular 120 ambulance rental, on-board equipment: fully automatic ventilator, ECG monitor, defibrillator, sputum suction device, oxygen supply system, fully automatic stretcher bed, medical and surgical emergency medicine According to the needs of the patient’s condition, medical staff can be selected to follow the car for a visit. The main purpose is to provide convenience for the need to transfer to the hospital for remission, and to return home to the home hospital after discharge. Since its establishment, it has served thousands of patientsPatient transfer chair has won unanimous praise from the patient’s family members, adhering to the principle of “helping the wounded” and serving the patient wholeheartedly for family consideration. Service tenet: safe and fast. All patients are the center, providing emergency transfer services for injured patients.


Help him walk. For those who cannot walk, they can be carried by holding, carrying, or shouldering. The holding method is that the ambulanceman supports the injured person’s back with one hand, and puts the other hand behind the injured person, picking him up and walking. Carrying method is to carry the injured up and walk like a child. The shouldering method of Beijing ambulance rental is to let the injured lie on the shoulders of the ambulancemen. The ambulancemen hold the injured leg with one hand and the arm with the other hand. More ambulance personnel can use chair support, car cup, pull cart, and equal methods. In the chair support style, two people stand on both sides of the wounded and the sick. One person uses one hand and the other’s hands as roots, and the other hand supports the other’s shoulders as backrests, allowing the wounded to sit on it. And hug the shoulders of the two rescuers with both arms. In the car bar style, two ambulancemen hold their own left wrists with their right hands, and then hold the other’s right wrist with their left hands to form a car bar. The wounded person sits on it and hugs the shoulders of two ambulancemen with both hands; in the pull-carriage style, one ambulanceman doubles from the armpits of the wounded person.

Pinch your nose. You can use napkins or cotton balls instead of gauze. .Physiotherapy, use cold towels, alcohol cotton and cold compress on the nose. Heatstroke symptoms: feeling sultry and uncomfortable, and body temperature rises (often over degrees). The skin is dry but without sweat, followed by confusion, dizziness, weakness, vomiting, low blood pressure, fast and weak pulse, and eventually. Treatment: Quickly move to a cool and ventilated place, lower your head. .Relieve the load, loosen your clothes, and pour cold water all over. .Supply water containing sugar and salt (it can be taken orally when conscious, and instilled when not conscious). Physics: Use alcohol cotton to wipe the middle and temples. .: Take Rendan, Huoxiang Zhengqi Water, a drop of water, etc. Prevention: Apply wind oil and cooling oil on the temples. .Sufficient water supply at the right time. . Wear clothing that can easily dissipate heat. Sunburn symptoms: the skin becomes red and painful or has small bumps and blisters. Treatment: Apply cold water towel to affected area. Until the pain disappears. . Apply sunscreen when the skin is not injured.

Transportation of critically ill children in Xinhua District and dispatching vehicles for 24 hours


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