The 12 constellation workplace transfer feng shui tricks

Recently, your career has been unsuccessful. Do you want to transfer? The following combines Feng Shui and constellations to analyze the tricks of workplace transfer for you.


The 12 constellation workplace transfer feng shui tricks

If you want a salary increase, you must see 12 constellations. Workplace Transition Feng Shui layout Aries Transition Workplace Bad Feng Shui Aries has always been upright and upright. He always likes to brighten the working environment. Therefore, the lighting of the Aries office is definitely very particular. The office can absolutely meet the environmental requirements of Aries. The layout of the entire office should be dominated by turquoise, so that the office space is filled with some outdoor atmosphere. Working in such an environment will greatly increase your passion and work harder. The impulsive personality of Aries is prone to chaos in financial management. It is best to spray some light perfume in the room to help stabilize emotions, perform better at work, and wealth fortune will also roll in. Aries taboo in the workplace: Don’t hang some weird and abstract paintings on the wall. The color of the painting should not be reddish, which will affect your subconscious and destroy your emotions. Only pictures with softer lines and simple lines can have a positive effect on Aries. Taurus transfers bad feng shui in the workplace. Although you are confident in Taurus, sometimes it is inevitable that you lack courage. It is recommended to place your desk on the south side, so that it will not bring negative emotions. You can also put a small bowl near the room to increase your money. Luck. Taurus, whose artistic appreciation is as amazing as its appetite, is always picky about the environment, so a well-designed office will be in line with Taurus’ high taste. In addition, putting some elderberries in the drawer can improve Taurus’ money luck. Taurus workplace taboos: Taurus people should not put vines in the office, indoor plants are best woody plants, because the big leaves can block the damage and absorb bad energy, and vines will absorb human energy instead. Bulls with endurance are particularly unsuitable.

Gemini is a Gemini who is a bit “gossip” with bad feng shui in the workplace. He is very curious about novel information. The probability of buying all kinds of bizarre books is naturally quite high, so a large bookshelf is indispensable in the office. If you want to enhance your fortune, Gemini can put the stereo near the desk, listen to music from time to time, put some small toys in the drawer, and occasionally take it out to play during the rest, which can reduce the irritability during work and change the pen holder. Become a tender pink, will give you a steady stream of energy. Gemini workplace taboo: It is not advisable to put some sharp metal utensils on the desk, Gemini who loves to play with small things is likely to hurt himself. Cancer transfers bad feng shui in the workplace. For Cancers who are full of family feelings, there is no longer anything that makes them smile more than family photos. Putting family photos on the desk makes Cancer work harder. Cancer blue is your lucky colorSimpleTransfer chair, if you have saxifrage, put it in a beautiful glass bottle, which can also increase your luck! Cancer workplace taboos: Don’t put too many things on the right hand. Generally, Cancer people are used to writing with the right hand. Putting too many things on the right hand will affect the smoothness of activities, so tea cups, file folders, books, etc. are best placed on the left. Leo transfers the bad feng shui in the workplace. The domineering Leo should place relatively large luxury items. They like the excitement of sound, light and shadow, and they also value high-end material enjoyment. You should put more silver decorations in your Leo room, which will make you interested in studying your own work. If you already have a lover, don’t forget to put your group photo in the office and put two mint leaves behind the frame. You will be with you forever.

Leo workplace taboo: It’s not advisable to place too many obstructions where people enter and exit. If there are too many large objects on the entry and exit line, you often have to avoid left and right when walking. Over time, Leo’s heart will be somewhat uncomfortable. Indirect work and interpersonal relationships will not go smoothly. Virgo is a Virgo who is known for her cleanliness in the twelve signs of Bad Feng Shui in the workplace. Cleanliness is the most basic for him. If Virgo happens to be arranged by the door to the toilet, I think he will resign immediately. However, in addition to being clean, the approval is unambiguous, especially for office supplies with novel designs. Virgo who loves to be clean, it is recommended that you keep an umbrella in the office at any time, which will make you more comfortable with sudden changes in the weather. Virgo workplace taboos: For Virgo, sitting close to the toilet is a big deal. Because the toilet blocks the inflow of anger, it is quite detrimental to the fortune and business. Libra transfers bad feng shui in the workplace. In order to make the clothes bought by Libra who loves beautiful have a destination, if possible, you should put a closet in the office and bring a small box to put your piles. Endless decorations. It is best to put more small porcelain in the office to avoid unnecessary trouble and bring you great help. Libra workplace taboos: Your position in the office for Libra is best in the middle. The most taboo is the left and right corners when you enter the door. A prominent position will increase your popularity. The Scorpio is born with a fatal attraction due to bad feng shui in the workplace. It is generally believed that Scorpio and sex are inseparable, and the bed is of great importance to Scorpio.

Therefore, putting a sofa that can be folded into a bed in the office will make the sexy Scorpio more attractive. Another thing to note is that if you are a Scorpio, you need to place a large mirror on the southwest side of the office.simple transfer chair, and hang a sachet above the mirror, you can increase your popularity, if the financial turnover is not working well, it will gradually smooth and improve. Sagittarius is an innate enthusiasm and active Sagittarius who is willing to accept new things. Although the Sagittarius is not so interested in arranging the office, you can try to replace it. If Sagittarius wants to welcome more good luck, it is recommended that you change all office supplies to pinkish yellow, plug some dandelions in the office, and spray some lemon tobacco perfume to keep yourself as awake as possible, and do not do it in a hurry Decide, once you lose your sense of direction, you will easily fall into the trap of shameless people. Therefore, it is better to miss investment opportunities than to cause huge losses of money because of temporary care. Capricorn transports the goats who are prone to workaholics due to bad feng shui in the workplace. For them, the office is completely another home, and it is a good idea to move all the things at home. Capricorn, your personality makes others feel too rigorous. Although this is the style of a goat, it makes many opposite sexes often misunderstand that you are not close! If you are doing customer service work, it is recommended that you decorate the office with an orange tone, and the lighting should also be soft, so that your whole body can be filled with a warm feeling, and you will have many opportunities for part-time work or extra money. Taboo in the workplace of Capricorn: You are already depressing yourself as a Capricorn. The office space must not be too small. It is best to keep a space directly in front of the desk to give full play to the effect of Gina.

Aquarius transfers bad feng shui in the workplace. This is a constellation that does not follow the card. Aquarius people feel that working at home, eating in the office, or resting in the cafeteria is not all wrong. The office is for them to do anything. It is to play their own place. If they want to improve their fortune, they can freely move a sofa with adjustable sitting and lying angles, which can best satisfy their casual attitude towards life. Aquarius people are very assertive. White or beige are all lucky colors. Office windows should always be open, and curtains should be blue. Putting a cute beige lamp on the table can greatly increase your personality. charm. Aquarius workplace taboo: It is best to sit in the financial position of the office, diagonally opposite to the entrance, the position should be bright and clean, pay attention not to put fake flowers, it will have the opposite effect. Pisces transfers the miserable Pisces with bad feng shui in the workplace. In fact, the yearning for the office comes from a kind of beautiful fantasy, and romantic lovers like pink things very much. If Pisces put beautiful flowers in the southeast of the office, the flowers are mainly pink. If you don’t have flowers, green cactus is fine. You can eat some figs to replenish your stamina when you are resting. This will definitely improve your luck. Pisces workplace taboos: Do not place screens in Pisces, so as not to block your fortune.

Six types of workplace feng shui that stand out first. A cluttered desk on a desk is equivalent to your battlefield. It’s not a cluttered location. Di Tian Jushi reminds professionals that the desk is very important. The correct way is ; Divide the desk into three equal parts, put tall or heavy things on the left, and don’t put things in the middle “except notebooks” and put low things on the right. 2. There is material pressure on the head. Many offices are now in frame-structured houses, so you may be arranged under the beams, which means that your workplace is suppressed, and you have a good contribution and no credit. Put gourds under the beams or decorate the beams with green plants. 3. No help from noble people No help from noble people or support from supervisors is a common sign of workplace troubles. These phenomena in Feng Shui can cause the above situations; the back is glass, the back is the aisle, and the back is the door. If you are in such a situation, Di Tian Jushi suggests that you use a strong and tall chair or put a yellow cushion on your back. Four, often get robbed of orders, and often have sales friends tell me; I have always negotiated business, but always robbed colleagues or colleagues, I wonder if you have such an experience? If this happens all the time, Ditian Jushi suggests that you put a zodiac that matches your own in the office. It can be the zodiac of Liuhe or the zodiac of Sanhe Ju. 5. Suppression of the villain No matter how hard you try, there will always be one or two villains who see you not pleasing to your eyes. Is that right? This kind of person is the workplace villain, who can only see that others are disadvantageous, and jealous when they see others are good! Ditianjushi suggested that you can use a pot of cactus to face the person. “The cactus will transform evil in Feng Shui” or you can wear the feng shui mascot to resolve the villain. 6. Health troubles Faced with computer or busy business for a long time, endless overtime work is something that professionals cannot avoid. For a long time, health is a loss. When you are young, you get your life for money. When you are old, you get money. Change life. . If you want to give a solution in Feng Shui, then Di Tian Jushi suggests that you put a glass of clean water on your office or desk. “The water needs to be changed every day” or an open small fish tank, because water is an evil substance that can resolve disadvantages. The reason why people’s health is unfavorable because of the magnetic field is that they are often in an unfavorable environment, far away from the green mountains and green waters.

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