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Several advantages of using electric wheelchairs for people with limited mobility

First, the audience of electric wheelchairs is actually very wide: Compared with hand wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs are not only suitable for the elderly and infirm, but also very suitable for the mobility needs of the disabled;

2. Driving an electric wheelchair is more convenient: the traditional hand-propelled wheelchair must rely on manpower to advance. If the patient is unattended, they have to push their own hands to slide, which is very physical and has a lot of Some users made the line by themselves. However, the electric wheelchair is different. As long as the electric wheelchair is fully charged, people with mobility impairments can come and go freely without the constant companionship of their family members;

3. The use of electric wheelchairs is more environmentally friendly: it is more environmentally friendly and safer than three-wheeled motorcycles. Many people’s filial sons and daughters buy cars with ample space, so that the elderly can go wherever they want. Of course this is the way to go for a long distanceFamilyManual wheelchair, but short-distance travel still makes it more convenient and free for the elderly to drive their own electric wheelchair;

4. Electric wheelchairs are safer: As the current electric wheelchair production technology becomes more and more mature, the material, braking system and safety performance of electric wheelchairs are very guaranteed (choose regular manufacturers to produce).

Fifth, the use of electric wheelchairs can reduce the burden on the family. Many people think that the cost of buying a better quality electric wheelchair is not low! But calculating long-term accounts is very cost-effective. The elderly who own an electric wheelchair can save the cost of hiring a caregiver; secondly, the elderly who own an electric wheelchair have a wider range of activities, more opportunities to communicate with others, and active thinking, which can greatly reduce the morbidity of the elderly and save more costs. ;


Uphill and downhill skills and precautions for electric wheelchairs

The use of electric wheelchairs is not only conducive to the physical and mental health of elderly friends and the disabled, but also greatly facilitates travel. If you are in a conscious state, there is no problem with your own operation. But you still need to understand some skills and precautions when going up and down.

1. Since the up and downhill is affected by a certain gradient, the home manual wheelchair should be measured in advance when passing the up and down road. Can’t insist on going forward to avoid accidents of rollover and cause personal injury;

2. Once obstacles such as stones are found on the way uphill, hold the brakes firmly to prevent the electric wheelchair from slipping back. Ask for help and get over obstacles with the help of people around you. In the downhill section, the speed should be controlled and slow down in advance to avoid accidents that are difficult to control in time due to too fast speed;

3. Whether it is a motor vehicle or an electric wheelchair, it is necessary to avoid sliding on the downhill section and sliding in neutral. Because in the process of downhill, the car is inherently more difficult to control, once the neutral gear is glide, it is very difficult to slow down in the middle. The lock lever must not be placed in the hand push mode to prevent personal injury;

4. The safety belt must be fastened before the operation of the electric wheelchair. It is difficult to control the body up and down. In the event of an accident, the safety belt can achieve good protection.


The advantages of wheelchairs: 1. Safety

The electric wheelchair control technology is very mature, and the brake equipment on the body can be mass-produced after being tested and qualified by professional equipment many times. The probability of losing control of the electric wheelchair is close to zero; the slow speed, anti-backward device, universal drive, intelligent electromagnetic brake and other equipment ensure that the electric wheelchair does not roll over or roll back and other safety hazards;

2. Thousands of elderly people are potential consumers of wheelchairs. Compared with traditional wheelchairs, the powerful functions of electric wheelchairs are not only suitable for the elderly and infirm, but also suitable for severely disabled injuries. Stable and safe driving, slow and adjustable speed, intelligent electromagnetic brake, etc. are the unique advantages of electric wheelchairs. All safety settings and intelligent equipment of electric wheelchairs are specially designed for the elderly and disabled;

3, convenient

Traditional hand wheelchairs must rely on human power to move forward. If there is no one around, it is difficult to travel alone. Electric wheelchairs are different. Elderly and disabled persons with mobility impairments can drive their own electric wheelchairs, which greatly improves mobility The self-care ability of the inconvenient, and the expansion of their range of action and social circle are of great benefit to their mental and physical health.


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