Picture of non-emergency transfer vehicle How about Shaoxing Ford’s non-emergency transfer vehicle

Chengli Automobile Co., Ltd. has strong technical force and complete testing methods, with 750 large-scale equipment (sets) and 16 assembly production lines. The product quality is stable and the operation method is flexible. The company has passed the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification. All products have passed the 3C international compulsory product certification and passed various certifications for export products. Many of them, such as sprinkler trucks, garbage trucks, sewage suction trucks, fecal suction trucks, and other sanitation series models enjoy preferential conditions for national vehicle purchase tax-free.

The injury transport vehicle is a transport service and nursing vehicle specially developed for units and enterprises.PatientsTransfer chair, the injury transport vehicle is not a vehicle, it is a vehicle that can be transported without a business unit, because there is no warning lamp for a vehicle, there is no need to go to the relevant department Go to apply for the lamp, as long as the company’s business scope is patient escort and patient care transfer, you can purchase this vehicle.


From the appearance, it can be seen that the injury transport vehicle cannot be installed. It is also called a non-emergency transport service vehicle. It has a similar appearance to the 120 ambulance running throughout the journey. In order to relieve the pressure of the ambulance, it is specially used for transport. Vehicles for non-emergency patients fill the gap in the first aid of 120 ambulances. The vehicles are equipped with cabinets, stretcher chairs, oxygen cylinders and other necessary devices to transport patients. In order to eliminate a large number of non-emergency patients dialing 120 to squeeze emergency resources, a new one came into being. A new type of vehicle. The optional wheelchair lifting platform is used for automatic lifting, which is convenient for the disabled to get on the car.

The doctor sometimes needs to measure the density of the patient


Improve the safety rate during patient transfer_patient transfer chair_doctor to patient Physical examination sometimes needs to measure the density of the patient’s blood

Quality Assurance of Chengli Group

Doctors sometimes need to measure the density of the patient

Injury transport vehicle, non-emergency transport vehicle, injury transport vehicle business license application processPatient transfer chair, the vehicle is listed and settled, and the transfer business exchange after the hospital.


The injury transporter is a customized vehicle specially developed by our company for corporate users. Newly created flexible stamping lines, welding lines, assembly lines, and environmentally friendly coating lines, providing a manufacturing guarantee for high-quality injury transporters , To ensure that the injury transport vehicle is equipped with technologies in terms of vehicle performance, fuel economy, vibration, noise, comfort, and handling.

The goal of Chengli Special Automobile is to build a world automobile manufacturing base.

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