The height-adjustable patient transfer chair MOBILIZER OTTFRIED

Product specifications and models


Adjustable degree, reclining, adjustable backrest

Other features:

Zhengzhou Medical Infusion Chair_Medical Infusion Chair Installation_Medical Transfer Chair

With infusion stand

Product introduction

Product performance

New seating concept with length adjustment and automatic seat tilt:


The patient is kept in a stable position, when the backrest tends to be adjusted, the shearing force is avoided in the patient area, and the care staff is spared to shift and change the position. The patient works extra hard.

* Independent position * Low adjustment system to ensure ergonomic work

The process and the positive psychological aspects of the patient are “in the eyes

Level” and their surroundings.

Medical infusion chair installation_Medical transfer Chair_Zhengzhou Medical Infusion Chair

Viscoelastic filler relieves stress and protects the skin.

Easy cleaning required by the hygienic requirements of **-the cushion parts are removable and the cover can be removed by wiping **.

Swivel armrests without obstacle transfer, even when tilting the backrest.

Using the adjustable footrest can adapt to the patient size.

Zhengzhou Medical Infusion Chair_Medical Infusion Chair Installation_Medical Transfer Chair

If you need patients with adjustable heightTransfer chair MOBILIZER OTTFRIED’s [product detailed description], [product qualification certificate], [technical parameters], and [product promotion color page], please ask for it!



1. This product may contain contraindications or precautionsMedical transfer chair, please refer to the instructions for details;

Medical transfer chair_Zhengzhou medical infusion chair_Medical infusion chair installation

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