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Luxi City 120 Ambulance Rental Long-distance Transfer Escort Fukangda Emergency Transfer Station Service Center

What equipment must be in the car when the ambulance is rented

With the flashing of warning lights and the whistling of sirens, there is no doubt that an ambulance rushed to the scene of an emergency call. All traffic arteries will be magically released for it. Easy to move; ambulance rental to move the wounded can be based on the situation of the wounded and sick, according to local conditions, choose different moving tools and methodseasyTransfer chair, pay attention to handling, light and fast, avoid vibration, and try to hurt the wounded. Carry support method, hold method, and carry method with bare hands. Two-person handling chair support type, sedan type, pull cart type, horizontal consignment method, chair type transportation. Making a simple stretcher for transportation In the absence of a stretcher, chairs, door panels, blankets, clothes, coats, ropes, bamboo poles, ladders, etc. can be used instead of stretchers.


Choose the necessary equipment in the ambulance rental car; fracture fixation; fractures are usually fixed with splints, splints are generally made of wood, plastic, iron, etc., and bamboo poles, branches, wooden sticks, etc. can also be used locally. Instead of splints, wooden boards are temporarily fixed. Upper arm fracture fixation splint is placed on the outer side of the fractured upper arm, the protruding part of the fracture should be padded, and then the elbow and shoulder joints should be fixed. The upper arm is bent in front of the chest with a triangle scarf, and the injured limb is fixed to the chest of the wounded with a triangle scarf. Forearm fracture fixation splint is placed on the outer side of the fractured forearm, the protruding part of the fracture should be padded, and then the elbow and wrist joints are fixed (fixed in 8-shaped wrist), and the top of the splint is fixed again. The lower extremity auto-fixation method combines the two lower extremities, and tie a triangle scarf at each of the upper, lower, and ankle joints, and tie a knot in the uninvolved lower extremity and the ankle joint in a figure eight shape.

It took only 12 minutes for the Shenzhen ambulance rental to pick up and drop the patient, and then the patient was sent to the hospital. According to the driver of the ambulance, the injured girl was only 16 years old. She stumbled and fell while drying clothes on the balcony on the third floor. She helped her family find out that she was not awake. The ambulance rushed to the scene after receiving a call for help. 11 minutes. After arriving at the scene, the girl was first rescued with first aid measures. If not, Shenzhen ambulance rental rushes to send the patient to the hospital in time simple transfer chair, this The girl’s life will be at stake. Ambulances save patients in distress, but vehicle congestion is very serious in current road conditions. In the event of congestion and road conditions, even if the ambulance has sufficiently advanced equipment to be able to provide the patient’s vital signs within a short period of time, the patient’s life will be affected at any time over time.

[Home Emergency Treatment] (1) Push one side of the nose to the bridge of the nose. And keep it for 5-10 minutes to coagulate the blood. You can stop bleeding. If both sides are equal, pinch both sides of the nose. After the nosebleeds stop, there are more condensed nostrils. Don’t rush to get it out, try to avoid sneezing and rubbing. To prevent it, (2) the left (right) nostril, raise the right (left) arm, the bleeding can be stopped after a few minutes, (3) when the left (right) nostril, the right (left) middle finger hooked by another person with the middle finger The roots are bent and the bleeding can be stopped in tens of seconds; or the root of the middle finger is tied with a cloth strip. Punch the left (right) nostril on the right (left) middle finger, and use a cloth strip. (4) Take an appropriate amount of garlic, peel it and pound it into garlic paste, and apply it on the sole of the foot. Wrap it up with gauze to stop bleeding quickly.

Press the upper end. Fold the upper end obliquely downward to press the other eye. Tie the knot around the back of the ear, neck, and on the opposite ear. Mandibular bandaging is generally used for first aid for mandibular, ear, forehead, or temporal wounds. Bring the towel up through the ears or the temple. After the long end is wrapped around the top, cross the short end at the temple and the short end. Wrap the two ends around the head and tie the knot at the opposite temple. For shoulder wounds, the ambulance can use triangle bandaging, dovetail bandaging, or sleeve and shoulder bandaging. Method, dovetail dressing method, fold the triangle scarf into the dovetail wound side. The backward angle is slightly larger than the forward angle. The two bottom corners are knotted under the injured armpit. The two dovetail horns cross the neck and wrap both ends around the head. The latter method of hemostasis in the emergency center-tourniquet hemostasis. The tourniquet hemostatic method of the emergency vehicle is suitable for the rupture of the limbs or other emergency hemostasis, including 1 , Rubber tourniquet hemostasis usually uses balloon tourniquet or 1m rubber tube.

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