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The Daily Operation Mode, It Includes All The Implementation Items, And Acts To Regulate Individual Actions, Regulate Or Limit All Their Behaviors, And Finally Simplify Management Process. Compiled: XXXXXXXX 20XX Month XX XX day professional operation procedures/ Professional operation procedures No.: EW/OF-VN508 Medium block transfer belt operation procedure simple version Warm reminder: This operation procedure document is used in daily rules or operation mode, including all execution matters, and affects Standardize individual actions, standardize or restrict all their behaviors, and ultimately simplify the management process and improve management efficiency. After the document is downloaded, you can edit it directly, please apply it according to your needs. 1. The operator should be familiar with the factory’s centralized control system and the performance and characteristics of the belt conveyor. 2. Before work, check the belt for damage, whether the supporting rollers are complete and flexible, and whether the lubricating oil of the reducer is appropriate. Whether the auxiliary equipment is normal and whether the electromagnetic head is working properly.SimpleTransfer chair, whether the belt joint is cracked or damaged.

3. Regardless of whether the belt conveyor is running or stopping, it is strictly prohibited to stand, walk, sit, or lie on the belt. It is strictly forbidden to cross the belt conveyor. It is strictly forbidden to carry tools, objects, materials and other objects on the belt. 4. It is strictly forbidden to clean or replace the idler rollers, head and tail rollers, stand on the rack and scoop coal or sweep coal. It is strictly forbidden to pick up iron blocks and wires on the electromagnet during operation. Clearing page 2/Total 5 pages Professional operation procedures/ Professional operation procedures No.: EW/OF-VN508 When handling, you must stop and proceed. 5. When the belt conveyor slips and runs off-track, simple transfer chair must be taken Safe and reliable safety measures. 6. Responsible for completing the transfer work of the coal washing lump to ensure the normal production. 7. When the coal bunker is full, the coal washing signal will be sent to the control room in time, and the signal should not be disturbed during the coal washing process. 8. Responsible for the sanitation work of the middle block transfer belt and its area, and actively participate in the maintenance of the equipment. 9. Strictly implement security regulations and operating regulations. 10. Responsible for the sanitation of the equipment and its area, and actively participate in the maintenance of the equipment. 11. Pick out the detonators mixed in coal in time, properly protect them, and deliver them to the duty personnel in time. 12. Drivers of each shift must check the equipment according to the inspection chart and make a record of Page 3 / Total 5 Professional operation procedures No.: EW/OF-VN508.

13. The shift must be carried out in this post. 14. Jointly check whether the belt device, head, tail, belt joints, screws, upper and lower rollers, cleaners, guide troughs and other parts are normal, whether the safety devices are complete, whether the signal and lighting are complete. 15. Jointly check whether the belt is running normally, whether there is deviation or over-tightening or over-looseness, and whether the tools used are complete. 16. When problems are discovered, they should generally be handled by the shift driver. If there are difficulties, they should be reported to the shift leader in time for consultation. 17. After the above inspection is completed, drive for three to five minutes. Both parties confirm that it is normal. After signing the shift log, the shift employee can leave the job. 18. Work clothes must be worn at work, lesbians must wear work caps and high heels are not allowed. 19. The staff should operate and maintain according to the post operation procedures. Page 4/Total 5 pages Professional operation procedures / Professional operation procedures No.: EW/OF-VN508 Equipment, do not play with technical consultation during work, and do not leave the post at will. 20. In the event of personal accidents and mechanical accidents, stop immediately for emergency treatment and report to the control room in time. 21. It is forbidden to smoke and use open flames in places with coal dust, storage of grease, and flammable products, and when the equipment is in operation. 22. It is prohibited to climb the stairs outside the buffer warehouse in winter. 23. Drinking to work is strictly prohibited. Company name or personal brand name can be filled in this position Page 5 of 5

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