Lide Zhongbang “shared medical accompany bed” settled in many hospitals: Let the accompany warmer

In recent years, in order to solve the contradiction between medical needs and high-quality medical resources, the government and enterprises have gradually explored and piloted the “shared medical” model, and related shared medical services have continued to emerge. As a pioneer in smart medical shared services, Shenyang Lead Zhongbang Medical Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Lide Zhongbang”) took the lead in creating the “Shared Medical Accompanying Bed” in many hospitals, creating a new shared service model in the industry , Has become a convenient and innovative move recognized by hospitals and patients.

Caring for patients and family members to create a more heartwarming wisdom sharing escort

Lide Zhongbang learned through investigations that more than 95% of inpatients have a high psychological need for the company of their relatives. However, at present, the escorts in various hospitals choose to bring their own bedding or private lease. The beds are mostly simple folding beds, which are extremely comfortable, heavy to carry, and cannot be guaranteed for safe use and sanitary conditions, which greatly affects the accompany experience of the accompany. For the hospital, the management of the traditional escort bed is also facing huge problems. Not only does it require a lot of manpower and material resources to manage, transport, and collect payments, but the disorderly use also has a great impact on the hospital’s medical rescue environment.

Lide Zhongbang is keenly aware of the market demand for shared escort beds, so smart shared escort beds were born as needed. The product introduces the “unattended sharing” mode of the “sharing economy”. It is a multi-functional unattended sharing device provided to the caregivers of medical institutions to use for the purpose of paying attention to the caregiver family and creating a Chinese-style fatigue-free caregiver. It solves the long-standing problems of insufficient escort beds and poor escort experience in medical institutions, eliminates the pain of escort rental and transportation of escort beds, and provides a good choice for assisting hospitals to improve the medical environment and provide humanized services.

Can it really be transported with transfer beads_Medical Infusion Chair_Medical Transfer Chair

Picture: The shared escort bed of Lide Zhongbang can be switched between bed and chair

Compared with traditional escort beds, Lide Zhongbang shared escort beds provide users with a more comfortable accompany experience. First of all, it is very convenient to use. The shared escort bed is used as a seat during the day and can be stretched and opened at night for the escort to sleep and rest. The escort scans the code and can enjoy a comfortable experience at a very small fee. In addition, the company will regularly arrange for cleaning and disinfection of personnel, and timely replacement of damaged equipment, to provide users with healthier and safer escort beds and chairs.

In order to distinguish from the shoddy products on the market and ensure the technology, quality and performance of its own products, the company’s one-stop research and development, sales and leasing of the Lide Zhongbang intelligent shared care bed, all products are made of high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials and exquisite production Technology, the company has many well-known software and hardware engineers in the industry, and the application system is independently developed by the company. MedicalTransfer chair, through the current popular WeChat applet, users can complete bed rental, bed return, bill payment and other value-added services online. The company can perform 24-hour monitoring and remote maintenance of the equipment system to ensure the stable use of the equipment. In addition to smart shared escort beds, Lead Zhongbang has also developed a variety of shared medical service products such as shared transfer flat cars and shared wheelchairs. Shared transfer flat cars can solve the emergency needs of emergency patients, and shared wheelchairs can solve the shortage of wheelchairs in the ward and standard management problem.

 Medical transfer chair_Medical infusion chair_Can it really be transferred with transfer beads?

Picture: Users can use all services through WeChat applet

Medical transfer chair_with transfer beads Can it really be transported_Medical infusion chair

Picture: Lead Zhongbang has developed diversified shared medical service products

Medical infusion chair_Can it really be transported with transfer beads _Medical transfer chair

Hand in hand with many hospitals to help improve the service level of medical institutions

At present, Lide Zhongbang has cooperated with many hospitals, and shared nursing beds have been stationed in Beijing You’an Hospital, Anzhen Hospital, Liaoning Children’s Hospital, Liaoning Anorectal Hospital, Shenyang Sixth People’s Hospital, and Affiliated to Shenyang Medical College Central Hospital, Liaoning Electric Power Central Hospital, and in the future will establish cooperation with medical institutions across the country such as the Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, Northern Theater General Hospital, Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital, Shenyang Anorectal Hospital, etc. In May 2019, Beijing Bokang Yisheng Technology Co., Ltd., a secondary company of Shenyang Lead Zhongbang Medical Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd., was established in Beijing. The shared escort bed was successfully settled in Beijing, knocking on the door to the national market. In the future, Lide Zhongbang will take great strides to make the shared escort bed spread across the country at the fastest speed, so that more escorts can have a more comfortable accompany experience.

After the shared medical escort bed of Lide Zhongbang entered the hospital, it was highly recognized by the leaders and medical staff of Beijing You’an Hospital, Anzhen Hospital, Shenyang Children’s Hospital and many other hospitals. Many hospital leaders believe that since the introduction of shared escort beds, it has effectively alleviated the congestion in the wards and corridors of the inpatient department in the past, and improved the hospital’s accompany accommodation environmentMedical transfer chair provides relatively comfortable accompany conditions for patients’ families, and has won praise from patients’ families. It has also established an orderly ward management system for the hospital and strengthened The care of patients has provided powerful help, and it can be said that it has brought convenience to patients, family members and hospitals.

In addition to helping hospitals improve the management of escort care, Lide Zhongbang comprehensively analyzes the use of escort beds and provides fresh real-time data for the national disease prevention and control management to prevent and treat future diseases, and improve the health of the whole people. Level, provide strong data support.

Behind the great praise of the shared nursing bed in the market, it conforms to the current national concept of vigorously strengthening “Internet + medical and health” services, effectively solving the old and difficult problems that plague hospitals and patients’ families, and greatly improving the service quality of medical institutions The level of harmony has truly become an effective measure to facilitate and benefit the people. With the joint support of major hospitals, Lide Zhongbang Shared Nursing Bed, which has withstood the test of the market and users, will surely fulfill its mission, move forward, and truly realize the profit dream of “making the escort warmer”.

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